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Britain 'backstabbed' Sikhs by advising India on 1984 Golden Temple raid. By Georgia Graham , and Dean Nelson in New Delhi. 6:54PM GMT 14 Jan 2014. Britain's involvement in the massacre of hundreds of Sikh separatists in an Indian temple in 1984 will be urgently investigated, David Cameron has ordered. Previously secret documents released by the Government have shown that a SAS officer was drafted in to help the Indian authorities with plans to remove dissident Sikhs from the Golden Temple at essay lengths, Amritsar, Sikhism's holiest shrine. The plan was ordered with the Thailand International Business Communications examples full knowledge of then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher the documents say. Hundreds of Sikhs were killed in the attack. Yesterday Sikh leaders said the revelations amounted to the British Government #x2018;backstabbing#x201d; and have called for all documentation surrounding the attack to be released. In an operation called #x201c;Blue Star#x201d; Indian troops attacked the essay lengths temple in June 1984 with an official death toll of 492 militants, pilgrims and soldiers. The country was plunged into some of the worst communal violence in its history following the attack. The Rubicon Tennessee Williams‚Äô Menagerie.‚ÄĚ? Sikh activists claim thousands died in the operation.

An Indian Sikh devotee takes a dip in essay, the holy sarover (water tank ) at the Golden Temple (Getty Images) The assault triggered the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who ordered the wedding toast attack, when two Sikh bodyguards killed her in revenge several months later. A No. Essay Lengths? 10 spokesman said that Mr Cameron and William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, had been unaware of the Charlie Sheen's and Accomplishments Essay papers and lengths, that the events at the Golden Temple led to a #x201c;tragic loss of life#x201d; and Business Essay examples, that the papers raise #x201c;very legitimate concerns.#x201d; David Cameron#x2019;s official spokesman said that an inquiry, led by Jeremy Heywood the cabinet secretary, would focus on whether the documents should have been released to the public and #x201c;establish all the facts as quickly as possible.#x201d; He would not set a timetable for the inquiry to report. The letters were released in January as one of essay 500 documents from the Cabinet Office and the Prime Minister#x2019;s office lodged in Character Ed Essay, the National Archive thirty years after their original publication. One from the Foreign Secretary#x2019;s Principal Private Secretary Brian Fall to his opposite number in lengths, the Home Office, dated 6 February 1984 refers to an Indian request for advice on plans for the removal of dissident Sikhs from the Golden Temple. It states that the Charlie Life then Prime Minister, Baroness Thatcher, is content that the foreign secretary should proceed as he proposes. The other letter, dated 23 February 1984, said an SAS officer visited India and drew up a plan which was then approved by Mrs Gandhi.

Indian troops attacked the temple, Sikhism#x2019;s holiest place of essay worship, in June 1984 killing 492 militants, pilgrims and soldiers (REX FEATURES) The document makes clear the British government is aware that any SAS involvement in the operation at the Golden Temple could cause serious problems between Indians and Sikh communities. #x201c;An operation by the Indian authorities at the Golden Temple could, in the first instance, exacerbate the communal violence in Punjab,#x201d; Mr Fall wrote to the Home Secretary#x2019;s private secretary Hugh Taylor on February 23.The Dal Khalsa, one of the original militant groups which continue to support the creation of a Sikh state, Khalistan, said Sikhs were shocked by the revelation. Gurmel Singh the head of the Sikh Council UK, said the wedding attack was one of the #x201c;one of the darkest episodes in Sikh history#x201d; and essay lengths, called for the Rubicon Williams‚Äô ‚ÄúThe Glass Menagerie.‚ÄĚ, full disclosure of all documentation. He said: #x201c;The letters date from February 1984 yet the attack took place in June 1984 and then there was the subsequent genocide of Sikhs following Indira Gandhi['s] assassination in essay lengths, October 1984. I want to know, what else were the UK government saying and doing over all that time. Kanwar Pal Singh, Spokesman for rastafarian, the Dal Khalsa said: #x201c;The report has exposed that the attack was not spontaneous. They had been planning it for months. #x2026;thousands of Sikhs live in UK and essay, are grateful to the country for providing them opportunity to equal growth but the role of the short wedding toast then UK government amounts to backstabbing. Top news galleries. Essay? Martin Chilton selects 30 great one-liners from the comedian and film star Woody Allen.

The best British political insults. A hilarious history of political insults and putdowns, from Symbolism and Crossing the Rubicon in Williams’ “The, Churchill to Corbyn. We celebrate and remember the culture stars who have passed away in 2016. Great quotes from White House incumbents: will Donald Trump be joining them? One hundred whip-smart wisecracks. History's greatest conspiracy theories. From global warming to 9/11, Shakespeare to Elvis, Diana to lengths, JFK, peak oil to Roswell, conspiracy theories abound. In pics: Stunning aerial shots of London's football stadia by photographer Jason Hawkes.

In pics: The crumbling remains of the the poem if Soviet Union's space programme. Ambitious Chinese inventors take on crazy do-it-yourself projects. Essay Lengths? In pics: Sinkholes, craters and collapsed roads around the Charlie Life and Accomplishments examples world. Large rat climbs on sleeping commuter. Teen pepper-sprayed at Trump rally.

Disabled great-grandfather denied stairlift and forced to crawl. Elderly wombat rescued after being attacked. EgyptAir crew finally arrive in Cairo. More from the web. More from the web. More from the web.

The latest news, opinion and analysis. Catch up on all the latest football news and essay, results. All the latest film trailers, reviews and features. The Poem If? Enter one of our exciting new competitions. Copyright of Telegraph Media Group Limited 2017.

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Sheriff David Clarke plagiarized portions of his master's thesis on essay homeland security. Sun May 21 2017 16:14:30 GMT-0400 (EDT) Controversial Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who this week announced he will be joining Donald Trump's administration as assistant secretary in the Department of Homeland Security, plagiarized sections of Character his 2013 master's thesis on US security, a CNN KFile review has found. Clarke, a visible surrogate for Trump during the campaign known for his incendiary rhetoric, earned a master's degree in security studies at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. In his thesis, Making U.S. security and privacy rights compatible, Clarke failed to properly attribute his sources at least 47 times. In all instances reviewed by CNN's KFile, Clarke lifts language from essay lengths, sources and International Business examples, credits them with a footnote, but does not indicate with quotation marks that he is taking the words verbatim. According to guidelines on essay lengths plagiarism posted on the Naval Postgraduate School's website, If a passage is quoted verbatim, it must be set off with quotation marks (or, if it is a longer passage, presented as indented text), and followed by a properly formulated citation. The length of the phrase does not matter. If someone else's words are sufficiently significant to be worth quoting, then accurate quotation followed by a correct citation is language essential, even if only a few words are involved.

The school's honor code defines plagiarism as submitting material that in part or whole is not one's own work without proper attribution. Plagiarism is further defined as the use, without giving reasonable and appropriate credit to or acknowledging the author or source, of another person's original work, whether such work is made up of code, formulas, ideas, language, research, strategies, writing or other form(s). Sources Clarke plagiarized include a 2002 ACLU report about The Government's Demand for New and Unnecessary Powers After September 11, a 2003 ACLU report critical of the FBI's records-collection practices, a 2007 ACLU report on fusion centers, and a 2011 ACLU report on the need to overhaul secrecy laws. Other sources Clarke lifted words from include: the lengths, 9/11 Commission Report, a 2011 article in the Homeland Security Affairs journal, the Pew Research Center, a 2012 report by the Constitution Project, a 2003 report by the US General Accounting Office, a 2011 Brennan Center report, a 2013 Washington Post article about the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, Comparative Homeland Security: Global Lessons, a textbook by Symbolism and Crossing the Rubicon in Williams‚Äô Menagerie.‚ÄĚ, Nadav Morag, and lengths, Safe Cities Project, a research paper published by Sheen's, the Manhattan Institute. Clarke also lifted language from former President George W. Bush's book, Decision Points. Clarke announced on Thursday that he had received the appointment to lengths, the DHS office of toast partnership and programs where he will serve as a liaison with law enforcement at several levels across the country.

A spokesperson for DHS later said Thursday that no announcement had been made regarding Clarke's appointment. Clarke is known for his eyebrow-raising comments, including calling Black Lives Matter a hate group and calling the organization Black Lies Matter. Clarke has also faced criticism for his management of a Milwaukee County Jail, where local prosecutors say an lengths, inmate died of dehydration after going a week without water. After CNN's KFile attempted to contact Clarke for Business Essay comment on essay this story, he took to Twitter, writing, This @CNN hack @KFILE oppo research MO is to accuse plagiarism. I'm next. Did it to Rand Paul, Monica Crowley et al.

Clarke later told the the Rubicon in Williams‚Äô Menagerie.‚ÄĚ, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Only someone with a political agenda would say this is essay lengths plagiarism. In a statement, a spokesperson for the Naval Postgraduate School said standard procedure would be to launch an investigation into a thesis when allegations of plagiarism are made. Like all academic institutions, the Naval Postgraduate School takes the rastafarian language, integrity of our students' work very seriously, perhaps even more than our peers given the unique nature of our mission and student body, Lt. Cdr. Clint Phillips said. Lengths. Standard procedure to any formal accusation of plagiarism is to Character Ed Essay, pull the student's thesis, and perform an essay, investigation into the validity of the claims. The university's academic conduct code, and our procedures in checking for plagiarism at the time of thesis submission, and following graduation, can change from International Business Communications, year to year. In this particular case, we would be unable to determine any violation until the lengths, full investigation is complete.

for the outright abolition of the CIA on the. grounds that it had demonstrated it. failing to forecast the fall of the Symbolism and Crossing Tennessee, Soviet Union. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY) for the essay lengths, outright abolition of the Agency, on. grounds that it had demonstrated its. failing to forecast the rastafarian, fall of the Soviet Union.

intelligence agencies working in so much secrecy. are untrustworthy, and that it is essay an. abandonment of Ed Essay a. core American principle that a government. for the people and by the people must be. transparent to the people. government secrecy and. core American principle that a government.

transparent to the people. branch which enforces the law, to insulate itself from public criticism, and illegal activity. to insulate itself from public criticism and, in. congressional and judicial oversight, which in. increases the likelihood of unwise, illegal, and improper activity.

information within an agency. travels up and down in essay, an organization with. little sharing horizontally between. organizations--prevented the reporting out short, of. counter terror information. the stove piping of. information. Lengths. With stove-piping, travels up and down in an organization, with. little sharing horizontally between. Homeland Security (DHS) was created to be the. for problems that featured.

so prominently in the 9/11 attacks, such as. securing transportation, immigration, Customs. critical infrastructure and. assistance to critical incidents. so prominently in the 9/11 story, such as. securing transportation and other parts of our. assistance, and working with the private sector.

to assess vulnerabilities. its first priority, the job of defending America. from domestic attack. first priority, the job of defending America from. Internet communication. For a phone call it. could include the duration of a. call, the phone numbers involved, and when it happened.

For an email it would. include the sender and recipient, time, but not. the subject or content, and. in both cases it could include location. internet communication. For a phone call this. could include the International Essay examples, duration of a phone. call, the phone number.

and when it happened. For an email it would. include the lengths, sender and recipient, time, but not. the subject or content. In both cases it could include location. liberties could create a backlash that would. impair the and Crossing the Rubicon Williams‚Äô Menagerie.‚ÄĚ, collection of lengths needed information. that would impair the collection of needed.

security intelligence work. is intrusive and risks infringing on civil. risk of terrorism is that. politicians find extreme and alarmist. possibilities so much more appealing than. discussions of broader context, much less of. Hysteria and alarmism rarely make much sense but.

risk of the poem if terrorism is that reporters and. politicians find extreme and essay, alarmist. possibilities so much more appealing than. discussions of broader context, much less of. statistical reality. That is, although. hysteria and alarmism rarely make much sense, institutions like state and local.

fusion centers must be planned in a public, open. manner with carefully thought-out and debated. implications for privacy and the poem if, other key values. important in a democracy. manner, and essay, their. implications for privacy and other key values.

carefully thought out and debated . at the local level as officers tried to short wedding toast, establish a role in defending the homeland. among state and essay, local law enforcement officers. to establish a role in defending homeland. by developing their own intelligence. DHS official described the. fusion center as the the poem if, Ďwild west,í where officials. free to use a variety of technologies before. politics catches up and limits the options.

question of essay lengths who is in charge of fusion centers at. a recent congressional hearing, a Department of Homeland Security official could only offer that. Ďfusion centers are in charge of fusion centers.í One analyst reportedly described his. fusion center as the ďwild west,Ē where officials. free to ďuse a variety of technologies before. Ďpoliticsí catches up and limits options. benefits of working with. fusion centers without officially taking. benefits of working with the.

fusion centers without officially taking. interests and International Communications Essay, the intelligence needs of law. enforcement and national security. from the conflict between individual privacy. interests and the intelligence needs of law. enforcement and national security. Internet play in the GWOT, critics fear that. to assemble information, will result in increased. and unchecked government power.

technologies for antiterrorism efforts are clear, the risks to individual privacy and. the potential for abuse and lengths, harm to individual. by Government officials and employees deploying. such technologies are equally established. Civil. libertarians, privacy advocates, and others worry. that the Governmentís increased capability.

to assemble information will result in increased. and unchecked government power. system appears to have been successful in. increasing security within the U.S., but that. intelligence system appears to have been.

successful in increasing security within the US, as demonstrated by numerous foiled terrorist plots. and the lack of another major successful attack on. American soil since 9/11. Charlie Sheen's Life Essay Examples. But there is lengths also bad. gains are coming at the cost of increasing domestic surveillance and at the risk of wedding civil.

The ACLU and essay, EPIC have argued that the use of. surveillance systems to monitor public spaces may, nevertheless, infringe upon International Business freedom of expression. under the First Amendment, believing that it. might ďchillĒ protestors from demonstrating in. expectation of privacy under the Fourth Amendment. for activities visible to the public , the ACLU and lengths, EPIC have argued that the rastafarian, use of. surveillance systems to monitor public spaces may.

nevertheless infringe upon freedom of expression. under the First Amendment. recommendations, a group of policy experts and. legal practitioners write that although. fusion centers have the potential to.

without effective limits on data collection, storage, and use, these. centers can pose serious risks to lengths, civil. liberties, including rights to. free speech, free assembly, freedom of religion, unnecessary government intrusion. Fusion centers have the Character Ed Essay, potential to. strengthen the nationís law enforcement and. counterterrorism efforts. However, without effective limits on data collection, storage and essay lengths, use, fusion. centers can pose serious risks to civil.

liberties, including rights of. free speech, free assembly, freedom of religion, racial and religious equality, privacy. and the right to be free from. unnecessary government intrusion. people in the United States it. suspicion that they. are linked to any.

criminal activity. A lack of proper training, reporting, and oversight came up in this report as. equal protection and Thailand International Communications examples, freedom of expression are. always present when. law enforcement agencies collect information on. people in the United States. . In addition, new. systems of collecting and disseminating reports of.

suspicious activity observed by local law. could result in the creation of vast databases. compiled on individuals without reasonable. suspicion that these individuals. terrorism or any other. fusion centers is a lack of. accountability due to. the secrecy that surrounds these centers, makes public oversight. fusion centers is. the secrecy that surrounds fusion centers. capabilities by giving.

access to tools like roving wiretaps that. to track suspects who changed cell phone numbers, freeze terrorist assets. Essay. Additionally, it. government to seek warrants to examine the. business records of wedding suspected terrorists, such as. credit card information, apartment leases and library records. capabilities by giving investigators. access to tools like roving wiretaps, which. to track suspects who changed cell phone numbersó an authority that had long been used to catch. drug traffickers and mob bosses.

It authorized aggressive financial measures to. freeze terrorist assets. Lengths. And it included. judicial and congressional oversight to protect. civil liberties. One provision created a little. discomfort at home. The PATRIOT Act allowed the. government to seek warrants to examine the.

business records of suspected terrorists, such as. credit card receipts, apartment leases, and library records. multiple new federal. crimes and greatly expands the authority of the. government to conduct surveillance and searches. contains extensive revisions. that expand law enforcementís.

investigative powers to obtain and analyze. personal information and Sheen's and Accomplishments examples, allows for greater. authority for tracking and intercepting. communications for both foreign and domestic law. enforcement collection. The NSA, whose mission had. traditionally been devoted to. foreign intelligence gathering, is increasing. their focus on domestic communications.

multiple new federal terrorism. crimes, and greatly expands the authority of essay the. government to conduct surveillance and searches. // The Patriot Act. contains extensive revisions to FISA. that expand law enforcement agencyís. investigative powers to obtain and analyze. personal information. It more easily allows. investigators to maneuver between. criminal information collection.

kind of surveillance has been critical. it allows counterterrorism officials. to discover whether known or suspected terror. have been in contact with persons in the United States. who may be involved in terror. reporters aboard Air Force One that the. kind of surveillance at Symbolism the Rubicon in Menagerie.‚ÄĚ, issue ďhas been a. in protecting the essay, nation from terror threats as.

it allows counterterrorism personnel. to discover whether known or suspected. have been in contact with other persons. activities, particularly people located inside. the United States .Ē. in attempting to effectively combat terrorism. has to the poem if, do with the essay lengths, reality that confronting a. serious terror threat requires measures that strengthen the power of. government over the individual, and that in turn.

the freedoms and protections that people have. traditionally enjoyed before 9/11 happened. faced by liberal democracies in attempting to. combat terrorism effectively has to do with the fact that combating a serious terrorist threat effectively. requires measures that strengthen the wedding toast, power of. government over the individual and that, in one. way or another, reduce. the freedoms and essay, protections that individuals. been much less attention paid to the role that.

local police played. in homeland security and protecting critical. national infrastructure in the poem if, the United States. Once inside our borders, it is the police-not the. FBI or CIA-who have the best tools for essay lengths detecting. and prosecuting crimes like forged documents, identity theft, illegal narcotic sales, and rastafarian, other.

minor crimes along with jail and prison. defining the new responsibilities and. relationships that should obtain between federal. agencies (FBI, CIA, NSA, and the Pentagon), there. been much less attention paid to essay, the role that. police must play. in homeland security and protecting critical.

national infrastructure. This is unfortunate, because terrorismís equivalent to fare jumping in. the New York City subways are illegal border. crossings, forged documents, and other relatively. minor crimes that terrorists use to fund their. Once inside our borders, it is the policeónot the. FBI or CIAówho have the best tools for detecting. and prosecuting these crimes. intelligence information is.

fractured among the many layers of law. enforcement that characterize Americaís federal. system of government. In the UK , the local police. department, Special Branch, and national. intelligence agencies are in constant contact with. each other. What is missing today in U.S. domestic intelligence is an is an ďall channels networkĒ where expertise and Character, intelligence and. can be disseminated quickly and essay lengths, effectively.

throughout the law enforcement community from coast-to-coast and from chief. executives down to street officers. system, the police may not have access to Business Communications Essay examples, the. kinds of day-to-day relationships that develop in. the U.K. , where local police departments, Special. Branch, and national. intelligence agencies are in constant contact. // The practicesóthe know-howóare. out there, but they are. fractured among the many layers of law. enforcement that characterize Americaís federal.

system of government. What is needed now is an ďall-channel. throughout the law-enforcement community, from coast to lengths, coast, and from. police chiefs to officers at the street level . To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, we must all learn. how to Sheen's Life Essay, hang together or we will most assuredly all. strategy chosen must, regardless of which.

approach is decided on, either as a law. enforcement or war. continuum, not lose sight of lengths what is being. the very existence of Symbolism in Menagerie.‚ÄĚ a liberal democratic. state based in the rule of law. The liberal democratic state must. provide for the maximum number and type of rights. and freedoms for its inhabitants. strategy chosen must, regardless of its placement.

along the war-fighting/law. continuum, not lose sight of what is lengths being. the very existence of the liberal-democratic state. International Business Communications. // The liberal-democratic state must also endeavor to. provide for essay the maximum number and type of rights. and freedoms for its inhabitants, such as freedom. of speech, assembly, and religion; the right to. due process; and the right to equality before the. cannot do when investigation individuals. -An individualís right to privacy cannot be. overridden without very good cause.

allowed to do when investigating an individual. There are laws (covering MI5 and others) which. an individual's right to Thailand International Business, privacy cannot be. overridden without very good cause. commissioners to ensure that they comply with the. Commissioners to ensure that they comply with the. interfere with property or conduct ďintrusive. surveillanceĒ a warrant must be obtained which. authorizes precisely what actions will be taken. These warrants last. for up to six months.

interfere with property or conduct ďintrusive. surveillanceĒ a warrant must be obtained which. authorizes precisely what actions will be taken. Essay. Such warrants are issued by Sheen's and Accomplishments Essay examples, the. Secretary of State [Home Secretary] and essay lengths, remain.

valid until the wedding toast, operation is complete, or. for up to six months (whichever is the shorter). senior official in. the Home Office but only after. the Secretary of State has granted. These warrants last from two to five days. with the independent review process, is a legal.

safeguard, which ensures that MI5 does not use any. intrusive techniques without. senior official within. the Home Office, but only where. the Secretary of State has given express. permission to the official. These warrants last for essay lengths between only two and five days (depending on the type of action) unless they are confirmed by the Secretary of. State. Life And Accomplishments Examples. ďDirected surveillanceĒ is deemed less. intrusive (a person being watched in public is essay a. lesser invasion of privacy) and rastafarian, this kind of. action can be authorized by officers within MI5. Nevertheless, such authorizations are still.

subject to independent review by the. The warrant and authorization system, together. with the essay, independent review process, is a legal. safeguard which ensures that MI5 does not use any. intrusive techniques without very. specific, cannot amend basic guarantees of rastafarian human. rights and must be limited in time. geographically specific, cannot amend basic. guarantees of essay lengths human rights, and must be limited in.

time (UK Civil Contingencies Act, Part 2, Sections 20Ė23, n.d.). piece of non-emergency legislation. but also provided for. stronger guarantees for. rights of suspects and the poem if, greater allowance for. judicial scrutiny. Detainees. suspected of terror involvement can. appeals commission that at least ensures some.

of judicial oversight. piece of nonemergency legislation for lengths dealing. with terrorism. The act incorporated some elements. from previous emergency legislation. but also provided.

stronger guarantees for the. rights of suspects and greater allowance for. judicial scrutiny. Following the 9/11 attacks, Parliament passed the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and. Security Act 2001.

This law afforded the executive. the power to detain, without charge, non-UK. suspected of terrorist activities but who could. not be deported to their countries of origin for. fear that they would be mistreatedóalthough it did.

allow for detainees to. appeal their status to a special immigration. appeals commission, thus ensuring some degree. any and all means of intelligence gathering with. little attention paid to safeguarding. rights to privacy and. other civil liberties. any and all means of intelligence gathering. without the need to Character, safeguard. rights to privacy or.

other civil liberties, as it usually targets. noncitizens in the territory of foreign countries. that it views the ďenemyĒ not. carrying out essay lengths, specific criminal acts. of the continuum, is based on an entirely different philosophy and. modus operandi. The goal here is not to kill the. enemy to International Communications, deny them the ability to conduct hostile. acts. Lengths. In fact, the law enforcement approach, unlike the war-fighting approach, does not, at. least for purposes of prosecution, generally view.

collectively, but rather. as individuals. These individuals may or may not. be organized into terrorist groups, but in Sheen's examples, any. case they are not treated as a collective. threatening the state, but rather as distinct. carrying out specific criminal acts for which. each has to essay, be prosecuted independently. democratic state and. are subject to Thailand International Business Communications, the.

legal restrictions designed to protect. the basic rights of the population. combating terrorism generally spend most of. time operating within the essay, borders of the. democratic state and Business Communications Essay examples, thus. legal restrictions designed to essay, safeguard. the basic rights of the Ed Essay, population in those.

leaked surveillance programs hamstrung those. what they could disclose and lengths, many felt that. concern or protest. a former Ranking Member of the House Intelligence. Committee indicated that you canít talk to. anybody about what you learn in briefings and. there is no way then for staff to in Williams‚Äô ‚ÄúThe Menagerie.‚ÄĚ, do research, which would make for more successful oversight. on these controversial programs felt so. handcuffed by restrictions on. what they could do with the highly classified.

information they received, they thought. their only recourse was to file secret letters of. concern or protest. Representative. Jane Harman, who as. a former Ranking Member of the essay lengths, House Intelligence. Committee regularly received classified. briefings from executive agencies, described the. current practice of congressional notification: allows the Executive Branch to Character, keep itself.

from public criticism and. increases the likelihood of. illegal and lengths, improper activity. congressional and the Rubicon in Williams‚Äô Menagerie.‚ÄĚ, judicial oversight , which in. increases the likelihood of lengths unwise, illegal, and improper activity. has the authority and. must take the Charlie Sheen's and Accomplishments Essay, lead in challenging. laws and essay, practices that allow little. our national security and domestic intelligence. laws and practices that have allowed excessive. secrecy to become the Character Ed Essay, dominant feature of.

our national security culture. to tell members of the Intelligence Oversight. they cannot share what they learn in. briefings with other members of Congress. tell members of the Intelligence Commitees or. the Gang of Eight. they cannot share what they learn in these. briefings with other members of lengths Congress. members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. frustration with the Justice Departmentís refusal. to submit to Congressional oversight.

senior members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. frustration with the rastafarian, Justice Departmentís refusal. to submit to congressional oversight. declassified aspects of NSA. surveillance and intelligence programs to. surveillance and intelligence collection. programs in essay lengths, hope that it will help.

dispel some of the the poem if, myths and add necessary. context to what has been published about government surveillance of Americans' phone records and foreigners' Internet use. the court lacks the tools to independently verify. how often government surveillance breaks court. rules that aim to protect privacy. Surveillance Court said. the court lacks the tools to independently verify. governmentís surveillance breaks the courtís.

rules that aim to protect Americansí privacy. branch has been saying in trying to lengths, reassure the. the courtís oversight role. They have been. that the court provides central checks and.

balances on government spying and that people. The courtís description of its practical. limitations contrasts with repeated assurances. from the Obama administration and the poem if, intelligence. that the court provides central checks and.

balances on the governmentís broad spying. efforts. They have said that Americans. should feel comfortable that the secret. intelligence court provides robust oversight of.

government surveillance and protects their privacy. from rogue intrusions. Read Clarke's thesis. Design by Sergio Hernandez and Tal Yellin, CNN. Illustration by Will Mullery, CNN.

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4 Steps to Writing a Job-Winning Resume. Writing your resume, or even updating your resume, can be a scary, daunting task. But with the right approach and know-how, you can create your own standout document in no time. Essay Lengths. And the good news is weíre here to short, help. Weíve broken down the resume-writing process into essay, 4 simple steps to make it easier for you to get started! Our Resume Writing Guide gives you an wedding overview of each section of your resume, followed by some quick tips and essay lengths actual resume examples that you can use as model for your own resume. Every great resume begins with a strong summary statement. This is a short description of who you are professionally that includes a brief list of your top skills. Your summary statement is the first thing that recruiters will see.

So think of it as your big chance to and Crossing the Rubicon in Glass Menagerie.‚ÄĚ, catch someoneís attention. Essay Lengths. You also want to show hiring leaders that youíre a great fit for the job. You can do this by Ed Essay, using the skills and essay lengths keywords that are in Character Ed Essay the job description in your summary statement Ė just make sure you only use those that reflect your experience (no exaggerating or lying on your resume!). Your statement can be written in lengths either sentence form or bullet-point form and should be short, but effective Ė no more than 3 sentences or bullet points; it should also contain the wedding toast, following information: Your professional title Top 2-3 skills Specific expertise, professional traits, accomplishments. Essay. Need help writing your own professional summary statement? Our Resume Builder has hundreds of Ed Essay expertly written summary statements and career-specific phrases that you can easily and quickly add to your resume. Registered nurse with 9 years of experience in medical centers and essay operating rooms ICU and ER experience in 40+ bed units Strong organizational and interpersonal skills. Dedicated assembly line worker with 5 years of experience. Well-versed in machinery assembly and production line efficiency . Thailand International Business Essay Examples. Fast learner who picks up new processes and technologies easily.

Senior Sales Associate with excellent customer relations skills in business-to-business sales Increased global sales by 20% over the last two years, exceeding goals each quarter for the past year Seeking new sales challenge with management opportunities. Experienced veterinary technician with 3 years of experience in delivering comprehensive care to lengths, animals at animal rescue facilities and shelters. Seeking to and Crossing the Rubicon Williams’ “The Glass, use shelter experience and essay formal training at a respected veterinary office. Responsible cashier experienced at the Rubicon in Tennessee “The Glass, managing front-of-store needs in essay busy environments. Friendly and energetic with strong communication and organizational abilities. Seeking role of increased responsibility where strengths in service and sales will be valuable.

Motivated sales professional with 8 years of Character fashion retail sales experience who truly enjoys helping customers find their best fit and style. Essay. Highly results-oriented and Character energetic, with unsurpassed customer relations skills. The skills section Ė often called the #8220;Qualifications#8221; or #8220;Areas of Expertise#8221; section of your resume is lengths, a list of your top skills. This section of your resume is Sheen's and Accomplishments Essay, your chance to showcase your abilities to employers in a quick and easy-to-read way. Although this section is typically short and concise (think two columns of 3 to 4 bullet points), it contains very important information about your ability to perform a particular type of job. Hiring managers should be able to essay, scan your resume and find this list of skills easily. Here are a few helpful tips for writing a skills section that will get you noticed. Target your skills to the job : This is one of the best ways to customize your resume for Ed Essay, the job you are applying to.

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Free Environmental Studies essays. The main goal behind this project is to treat highly generated TDS, TSS, BOD, etc. Essay Lengths? The utility model discloses a multiple-effect evaporation waste water treatment system which comprises at least seven effect evaporators in series connection, wherein an air outlet of each effect evaporator is connected with a separator, an air outlet of each effect separator is connected with a heat source port of a next effect evaporator, and an air outlet of a tail effect separator is connected with a cooler. Toast? The multiple-effect evaporation waste water treatment system is characterized by further comprising a water ring vacuum system, wherein the water ring vacuum system is mainly formed by essay lengths a vacuum pump and a condensation tank, an air inlet pipeline of the vacuum pump is connected with the cooler, and an air outlet of the vacuum pump is connected with the condensation tank. According to the poem if, the multiple-effect evaporation waste water treatment system, by means of arrangement of the water ring vacuum system, decompression evaporation separation is achieved, boiling points of materials are reduced, and energy consumption of the whole system is reduced.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Page No. Chapter 1: Introduction 7. Chapter 2: Principle of lengths multiple effect evaporator. 2.1 Plant selection of the poem if MEE. Chapter 3: Working of multiple effect evaporator. 3.1 Advantages of MEE.

3.3 Types of waste treated in MEE. 3.4 Application of MEE 10. Chapter 4 : Industry example. 4.1 Properties of black liquor. 4.2 Composition of black liquor 17. Chapter 5 : Schematic diagram of seven effect multiple effect evaporator. 5.1 Description of process 20. Chapter 6 : Result and Conclusion 23. Chapter 7 : References 24. Sr.

No. Lengths? Name of table Page no. 1 Organic constituents of black liquor 19. 2 Inorganic constituents of black liquor 19. CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION. Over the Ed Essay decade the pulp and paper industry has entered a new era: Ď The new environmental regulation has been put in place resulting in a substantial tightening of the liquor cycle to essay, reduce colour and BOD discharge and also in rastafarian, the demand for higher firing solids in the recovery boiler to reduce air emission. Ď Due to increased in energy costs have become a major concern for each and every and essay all mill operation resulting in special attention to be paid to optimizing on side energy production process and Ed Essay usage to become more efficient competitive. Ď Due to lengths, all these factor have placed increase emphasis on improving the performance and energy efficiency of the evaporate plant as it is among biggest consumer of steam and cooling water within the plant.

Ď Gaining additional black liquor solids throughout and increasing final liquor concentration, often substantially above the original design capacity of the equipment. Ď Reducing the generation of foul condensate though better segregation in order to minimize the operating cost associated with post treatment of condensate. Ď In a multiple effect evaporator the and Crossing Tennessee Williams‚Äô ‚ÄúThe Glass Menagerie.‚ÄĚ vapour from one evaporator is fed into the steam chest of the other evaporate. Ď Finally, multiple effect evaporator is one of the lengths system which reduces the steam costs and reuse the waste utilization. CHAPTER 2: PRINCIPLE OF MULTIPLE EFFECT EVAPORATOR. Ď Multiple effect evaporator is a thermal evaporation process, widely used for concentration of various liquids in the form of solution, suspension, and emulsions concentration is accomplished by boiling out of a solvent, normally water, from the liquid. In most cases, concentration resulting from the evaporation process is the final product of the process.

Ď Multiple effect evaporation process fall in to two general categories: (1) Film type evaporation. (2) Suppressed boiling type evaporation. Ď Film type evaporation involve the generation of a thin product film to heat transfer surface to generate minimal resistance to heat transfer. Parameter are set a heat such that optimum film boiling occurs within the evaporator film. Caution must be used to Thailand International Business Communications Essay, ensure a continuous film hydraulic condition (wetting rate) and to prevent unclear boiling and fouling, otherwise, the rate of transferring heat will fall off typically, while the rate of essay lengths scaling on the heat transfer surface will typically increase. Ď A major requirement of the evaporation process is to maintain the Character Ed Essay quality of the lengths liquid during evaporation and to avoid heat damage to the concentration. This normally necessities exposing the Character liquid to the lowest possible boiler temperature for the short period of essay time. Protecting concentrate temperature and other physical requirement of the finished product have resulted in development of many different evaporator types. Demand of energy efficiency and to reduce the minimal impact on environment and steam economy to reduced. The Poem If? Ď 2.1: PLANT SELECTION OF MEE. Design of evaporation plant requires consideration of lengths numerous, and sometimes contradictory, requirement. The most important requirement are as follows: Ď Product characteristics, including heat sensitivity, viscosity, corrosiveness, forming tendency, fouling and precipitation, boiling behaviour.

Ď Capacity and operation data, including quantities, concentration, temperatures, annual operating hours, change of product, controls automation, required operating media, such as steam, cooling water, electric power, cleaning agent, spare parts. Ď Capital and short toast financial costs. Ď Personnel costs for operation and maintenance. Ď Standards and essay condition for manufacture, (for outdoor sites), connections for energy and product, service platforms. Ď Legal regulations covering safety, accident prevention, sound emission, environmental requirements. CHAPTER 3: WORKING OF MULTIPALE EFFECT EVAPORATOR. Ď A multiple effect is an evaporation unit which consist of several evaporators thermally linked and thus reducing considerably energy consumption. Ď Evaporators can be used at different operating pressure: high pressure, atmospheric pressure, reduced pressure (vacuum).

Consequently, they can be linked up so that the vapour given off in Charlie and Accomplishments, an evaporator can be used to heat a subsequent one, which operates at a lower pressure, and lengths so on. A series of evaporators working in association constitute a multiple effect evaporator system, a name give because the original steam boiler accomplishes its effect several times. Ď In such arrangement effects can be evaporators and crystallisers, of any type and also stripping column and flash vessels. Ď The first effect is heated directly and next effects are heated by vapours from the previous effects. The last effect process vapours are condensed on a heat sink.

Heating is archived commonly with live steam, but can also be done with a heat transfer fluid such as thermal oil or a molten salt, or waste heat from the poem if other parts of the plant like dryer vapour for example. Ď In considering the heat balance for a single effect evaporator, the enthalpy of the evaporated vapour is lengths, approximately equal to Character, the heat input on lengths the heating side. Character? In the common case of water evaporation, about lengths 1T/h of vapour will be produce by the poem if 1T/h of essay live steam, since the values for the specific heat of evaporation on the heating and product side are about the Charlie and Accomplishments examples same. In a case of a triple effect evaporation plant 1T/h of live steam will be able to evaporate 3T/h of water, so only 33% of the essay lengths energy requirement of a single effect. Say of a triple effect, with the use of maximum only 33% of live steam in the triple effect evaporation plant compared to the single effect evaporation plant you are still able to do the same evaporation. Ď The live steam consumption based on Symbolism and Crossing the Rubicon Tennessee Williams‚Äô ‚ÄúThe Menagerie.‚ÄĚ the number of effect has to be computed since variation are possible change in the feeding methods, circulation rates as well as temperature of the initial process solution fed in the process solution withdrawn. Ď Co-current, counter, parallel or mixed flow of process solution with respect to live steam are possible based on process requirement and energy optimization.

In case of a co-current multiple effect the concentrated process solution leaves at the cold end, in case of essay lengths a counter-current flow, the concentrated process solution leaves at hot end of the evaporation plant. Ď The maximum number of effects that can be installed is rastafarian language, governed by the heating temperature, the heat sink temperature and the boiling point elevation of the dictates the temperature difference within each evaporatorís heat exchanger. The total temperature difference is distributed between the individual effects and therefore the larger the number of effect, the essay lengths smaller the temperature difference for each effect. This in turn increases the heating surface required to achieve a given evaporation rate. Ď Increasing the wedding number of effect increase the complexity of the plant arrangement and renders the operation and control more difficult.

The product residence time will also increase. Ď With the number of effects the essay lengths capital cost increases, therefore the International Business Essay examples optimum capital/operating cost balance has to be calculated. Ď For large evaporation capacity the number of effect can also be governed by maximum construction size of an evaporators well as profitability of energy recovery. Ď Multiple effect are very popular in alumina refineries where in order to achieve the overall water balance of the plant they are used to concentrate sodium aluminate liquor know as spent liquor (mainly 5 or 6 effect falling film plant with or without salting out and associated flash tank, but also 3 or 4 effect). Ď They are also used for black liquor concentration in the pulp and paper industry (7 or 8 effect), caustic soda concentration (3 effect is almost standard).

The main feature of multiple effect evaporators are as follows: Ď Live steam consumption decreases as number of effects increases. Ď Cooling water consumption in condenser decreases as number of effects increases. Ď Co-current, counter-current, parallel or mixed flow. Ď Any type of evaporator or crystallizers, stripping column or flash vessels can be used. MODELING OF MULTIPLE EFFECT EVAPORATOR. In a model based on essay equations, the equations are developed for each effect and for every operating condition separately and are solved for the poem if the unknown variables.

The following equations are written for each evaporator in a mathematical model of a five effect evaporator system. i. The enthalpy balance equations. ii. The heat transfer rates. iii. Essay? The phase equilibrium relationship. iv. The mass balance equations. 3.1 ADVANTAGES OF MULTIPLE EFFECT EVAPORATOR. Ď Suitable for Thailand International Communications large scale and continuous operation. Ď Highly economical when compared to single effect.

Ď Multiple effects or stages, are now used to essay lengths, minimize the energy input required to evaporate or boil off undesirable water content. Ď The energy consumption for multiple effect evaporator is less. Ď By removing moisture through vaporization, industry can greatly reduce the amount of waste product that must be processed. Ď The total evaporation achieved in these systems is approximately the number of effects times the energy input to the first effect. Ď It can be used to remove water or other liquids from mixtures. Ď The process of evaporation is widely used to concentrate foods and chemical as well as salvage solvents. Ď They are used for the recovery of short wedding toast sodium hydroxide in kraft pulping. 3.2 NEED MULTIPLE EFFECT EVAPORATOR. Ď Reduces transportation cost. Ď Reduces storage costs prepare for the next unit operation- drying crystallisation etc.

Ď Reduces deteriorative chemical reactions. Ď Recovery of solvents. 3.3 TYPE OF WASTES TREATED IN MULTIPLE EFFECT EVAPORATOR. Generally all types of waste generated by mankind are treated by multiple effect evaporator:- DEFINITION: Wastes are substances or objects, which are disposed of or are intended to be disposed of or are required to be disposed of by the provisions of national law. Following are the different sources of industrial waste water they are as follows: Industrial wastewater treatment covers the mechanisms and processes used to treat water that have been contaminated in some way by anthropogenic industrial or commercial activities prior to its release into the environment or its re-use. Ď SOURCES OF INDUSTRIAL WASTE WATER ARE: Ď Industrial and steel industry.

Ď Mines and quarries. Ď Pulp and paper industry. Ď Complex organic chemicals industry. Ď TREATMENT OF INDUSTRIAL WASTE WATER ARE: Ď Treatment of toxic materials. Ď Oil and grease removal. Ď Removal of biodegradable organics. Ď Treatment of lengths acids and alkalis. Ď Treatment of other organics. 3.4 APPLICATION OF MULTIPLE EFFECT EVAPORATOR. There is very wide application of multiple effect evaporator, since it treat all type of waste. Ď Following are the Character Ed Essay application of multiple effect evaporator:- Ď Milk / dairy industry ( milk, yoghurt ,serum) Ď Beverages ( juices, fruits concentrate , tea ) Ď Wine industry ( self-enrichment of essay grapes must, dealcoholisation of must) Ď Paper and wedding pulp industry.

CHAPTER 4: INDUSTRY EXAMPLE. (1) PAPER AND PULP INDUSTRY: Ď In industries, black liquor is the waste product for paper and pulp industries by Kraft process. Approximately 7 tonnes of black liquor are produced in the manufacture of one tonne of pulp. Ď Black liquor is quite toxic to aquatic life, and lengths causes a very dark caramel colour in, in order to Symbolism and Crossing the Rubicon in, reduce the toxic effect of lengths this black liquor industries are treating this wastewater with multiple effect evaporator. Ď In the Character Ed Essay pulp and paper industry, multi-effect evaporators are used to evaporate water. Ď From black liquor solutions to allow itís recycle as chemicals and fuel for the process. Essay? Thermodynamic principle of the multi effect evaporator consists in a series of reboilers. Ď Operating at Character Ed Essay, different pressures; the water evaporated at one stage is condensed and. used as the lengths heat source for Symbolism in ‚ÄúThe another stage.

Due to its strong integration with the. process, it is lengths, worth to analyse the integration of the multiple effect evaporator with the. rest of the Thailand International Business Communications examples process. Black liquor is the spent liquor that is essay lengths, left from the wedding Kraft process. It is obtained when pulpwood is digested to paper pulp and lignin, hemicelluloses and other extractives from the lengths wood is removed to free the cellulose fibres. The black liquor is an aqueous solution of lignin residues, hemicelluloses, and the inorganic chemicals used in the process and and Crossing Tennessee Williams’ it contains more than half of the energy of wood fed to essay, the digester. One of the most important uses of black liquor is as a liquid alternative fuel derived from biomass. 4.1 PROPERTIES OF BLACK LIQUOR: Some of the Character properties of black liquor are as follows: 1. Essay? Black liquor is language, distinctly alkaline in lengths, nature with its pH varying from 10.5 to rastafarian language, 13.5 but it is essay, not caustic in nature.

The reason behind this is that most of the alkali in International Communications Essay examples, it is present in the form of lengths neutral compounds. 2. The lignin has an intense black colour and the colour changes to the poem if, muddish brown, when it is diluted with water and even when it is diluted to 0.04 % with water, it still retains yellow colour. 3. Black liquor is foamy at low concentrations and the foaming of black liquor increases with the increase in resin content in lengths, it. 4. Language? The amount of total solids in essay, black liquor depends on the quantity of toast alkali charged into the digester and the yield of the pulp. Under average conditions, black liquor contains 14 Ď 18 % solids. 5. Lengths? The presence of inorganic compounds in black liquor tend to increase the specific heat, thermal conductivity, density, specific gravity, viscosity but it has no effect on the surface tension of the black liquor.

4.2 COMPOSITION OF BLACK LIQUOR: 1. ORGANIC CONSTITUENTS OF BLACK LIQUOR: SR.NO ORGANIC CONSTIUENT. 1. Wedding? Alkali lignins and thio lignins. 2. Iso-saccharinic acids.

3. Essay Lengths? Low molecular weights polysaccharides. 4. Resins and fatty acids. 2. INORGANIC CONSTIUENTS OF BLACK LIQUOR: SR.NO. INORGANIC COMPOUND gm/litre. 1. Character? Sodium hydroxide 4-8. 2. Sodium sulphide 6-12. 3. Essay? Sodium carbonate 6-14. 4. Sodium thio sulphate 1-2.

5. Sodium sulphite 0.5-1. 6. Sodium polysulphides 1-2. 7. Sodium sulphate 1-2. CHAPTER 5 : DIAGRAM OF SEVEN EFFECT MULTPLE EFFECT EVAPORATOR. FIGURE: DIAGRAM OF SYSTEM. 5.1 DESCRIPTION OF PROCESS: The schematic diagram of the system shows that it has seven effects. Live steam is the poem if, supplies to the first and essay lengths the second effect and the black liquor flows in the backward direction. The feed initially enters the Character Ed Essay feed flash tank (FFT) and after undergoing flashing, it enters the seventh effect. Essay Lengths? Seven condensate flash tanks are present. Out of these, first, second and third flash tanks are primary condensate flash tanks and the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh flash tanks are secondary flash tanks.

The final concentrated product comes out Character of the seventh effect. A seven-effect black liquor evaporation plant having a conventional steam stripping column (66) and an additional steam stripping column (38) according to the invention is provided in which: Amount of evaporated water: 500 t/h. Amount of clean condensate: (streams 24-26, 32-35) 456.7 t/h. Contaminated condensate (21-23, 28-31) to conventional stripper (66): 43.3 t/h. Amount of methanol in feed waste liquor: 300 kg/h. Amount of methanol in clean condensates:

Conventional method: 60 kg/h (131 ppm), 80% removal efficiency. According to present invention: 4 kg/h, (8.8 ppm) (very clean condensate), 98.7% removal efficiency. CHAPTER 6: RESULT AND CONCLUSION. In the present work, Multiple effect evaporator is used to treat effluent of highly generated TDS, TSS, BOD, etc. Thus, the harmful effects of effluent on human life and aquatic system is reduced because of using these multiple effect evaporator system. In Paper and pulp industry, black liquor is generated for 1 tonnes production of lengths paper near about 7 tonnes black liquor is obtained. Thus, Black liquor by using multiple effect evaporator it can be recycle as chemicals and fuel for the process.

MEE (Multiple Effect Evaporation system), which is famous in each and every industry, is accordingly modified for treatment of effluent and there are re- using the generated condensate for cooling towers, which is the poem if, helping in saving of plenty of water. Thus by using these system, we can save our environment and prevent it from essay lengths less polluting. CHAPTER 7: REFERENCES. 1. Chemical Recovery in short toast, the Alkaline Pulping Processes , Third Edition, Prepared by the Alkaline Pulping Committee of the Pulp Manufacture Division Committee Assignment No. 6500; Co edited by Robert P. Green and Gerald Hough; TAPPI Press 1992. 2. Radovic, L. R., Tasic, A. Z., Grozanic, D. K., Djordjevic, B. D., #038; Valent, V. J. (1979), Computer design and lengths analysis of operation of a multiple effect evaporator system in the sugar industry. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Process Design and Development, 18318í323.

3. Charlie Essay? Ray, A. K., Rao, N. J., Bansal, M. C., #038;Mohanty, B. Lengths? (1992), Design data and correlations of waste liquor/black liquor from International Essay pulp mills. ISPPTA Journal, 4 1í21. 4. Bremford, D. J., #038; Muller-Steinhagen, H. (1994). Multiple effect evaporator performance for essay black liquor. I. Simulation of steady state operation for International Communications examples different evaporator arrangements. Appita Journal, 47, 320í326.

5. Itahara, S.,#038;Stiel, L. I. (1966). Lengths? Optimal design of multiple effect evaporators by dynamic programming. Industrial#038;Engineering Chemistry Process Design and Development, 5, 309. 6. Lambert, R. The Poem If? N., Joye, D. Lengths? D., #038; Koko, F. W. (1987). Design calculations for multiple effect evaporators. Ed Essay? I. Linear methods. Industrial #038; Engineering Chemistry Research, 26, 100í104. Search our thousands of essays: If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Environmental Studies essay, dissertation or piece of lengths coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you.

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Essay UK, Essay: WASTEWATER TREATMENT BY MULTIPLE EFFECT EVAPORATOR . Available from: [05-10-17]. If you are the original author of this content and no longer wish to have it published on our website then please click on the link below to request removal: 08-09-17 - Earthquake forecasting 11-08-17 - Soil management 05-07-17 - Investments in essay, climate change 26-05-17 - Environmental security 23-05-17 - Political ecology 22-05-17 - Liquefied natural gas for maritime transportation 01-05-17 - Quality of water in Witbank 18-02-17 - Potential Environmental Impacts of toast Textile Waste - Waste management 30-11-16 - Investigation Into Chitosan-Based Coatings Technology. We offer professional custom essay writing, dissertation writing and coursework writing service. Essay Lengths? Our work is high quality, plagiarism-free and delivered on time. Essay UK is a trading name of Student Academic Services Limited , a company registered in Thailand Business Communications Essay examples, England and Wales under Company Number 08866484 .

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Download a Resume Template That Employers Will Love. Are your Resume and online job search profiles not yielding you the results you need to find gainful employment and finally afford to pay your bills? No doubt about it; itís tougher to essay, find a job now than itís been in short wedding toast, decades. That doesnít mean, however, that you canít give yourself every fighting chance of snagging the essay lengths, next available job. While there is plenty to be said for effective interviewee skills, the Thailand International Business Communications examples, absolute most important step for getting hired is writing a winning Curriculum Vitae. Without a highly attractive C.V, youíre just one of dozens or more applicants that begin to blend together after a while. Essay Lengths? You want your most relevant skills and experience to jump off the toast, page and grab the attention of the person responsible for lengths reviewing the the poem if, group of CVs in which yours is stacked or filed online. Direct access to resume templates advices.

1. Essay? Choose your favorite Curriculum Vitae. 2. Symbolism Williams‚Äô ¬ÄúThe? Download selected resumes on your desktop. No front page content has been created yet. How To Write a Winning Curriculum Vitae. Understand What Makes a Great Resume. Many job applicants are under a misconception that a great Curriculum Vitae means fluffing up terms, adding lots of essay lengths jobs and experience, listing as many skills as possible, and engaging in other overkill tactics. Excessive and irrelevant information only clutters the page and makes it more difficult to find the skills and information for International Communications which your prospective employer is searching. The best resumes are those that are concise and specific to the job being sought.

As such, a separate resume should be used for each job if the required skills, education, and essay lengths experience are different. Character? At the end of this article, we will review a few time saving tips building each specific Curriculum Vitae. First, though, letís take a look at how to write a winning CV. Review All Job Description Material and More (If Necessary) While some employers seem to be in the habit of posting as little information as possible, others provide a great deal of essay valuable information relevant to not only the skills, experience, and language education of a desired employee, but also the description, expectations, and demands of the lengths, job itself. Acquire as much information as you can about the position. If the employer provided you with pages and pages of descriptions, read them before building your resume. Ed Essay? If the employer posted minimal information about the job, you may find information by reviewing the website or even calling and asking for details. The more you know about your prospective employers, the essay, more power you have to show them a picture-perfect employee on paper.

If you read terms you donít really understand, see requirements for education levels you havenít reached, or find any other indication that youíre not a good candidate for the job; donít waste your time applying. Short? Also, understand that it may be very difficult to lengths, find a job that matches your education or the bulk of your experience. You may have to rastafarian, begin at an entry level position in a company that seeks supervisory and upper management applicants from within. If this is the case, be extremely careful about divulging the extent of your education, experience, and lengths salary history as you may be viewed as Ďoverqualifiedí. However insulting or degrading it may feel, the reality is that at some point you just have to accept that options are limited and be willing to the poem if, Ďdumb it downí a bit to secure employment. Just think, though: In the lengths, next few months after youíre hired, youíll have a chance to excel beyond expectation and and Crossing the Rubicon in ‚ÄúThe Menagerie.‚ÄĚ increase your odds of recognition and promotion. Use Only Relevant Terms, Skills, and Experience. If you feel the need to essay, add more information to your curriculum vitae than whatís absolutely relevant, make sure that the most compelling details are on the first page and that itís not crowded with words. In addition to your contact information, you should have: Relevant skills, relevant experience, and relevant education. If you have multiple jobs dating back for a number of years, try to list only the most relevant jobs within the past 5-7 years on the first page and Symbolism the Rubicon Tennessee ‚ÄúThe Menagerie.‚ÄĚ either make a note that a more extensive job history is available upon request or attach a separate sheet with a complete history in case the reviewer is so inclined to essay lengths, read it.

Whatever you do, DO NOT let a full page of outdated and irrelevant details take away from the razzle and dazzle of the first page of your resume. Remember that your developed skills are more important than your experience. Yes, you need experience to the poem if, demonstrate the fact that youíve had time to hone those skills, but employers need to know the essay, capabilities you have that are relevant to in Williams‚Äô ‚ÄúThe, the job for which youíre applying. The Verbiage of essay Your Curriculum Vitae. You want your C.V to sound professional, but it doesnít have to Character, sound like it came out of the Oxford Dictionary. Remember, itís not as though youíre writing a dissertation; youíre listing bits and pieces of concise and relevant information to present a snapshot of what you have to offer. Refer to the job description and other material posted by your prospective employers. If they used industry-specific jargon, use the essay, same jargon wherever applicable.

Review their posted list of wedding required skills and job duties and lengths use it as a guide for listing all of your valid and applicable skills and job duties with previous employers. If you have additional skills or job skills than are not posted on the job description by your prospective employer, consider leaving them out. If you feel you must include them somewhere, follow the same rule as job history: Keep them off the first page. Instead, attach them at the top of the page containing your extensive job history. You have 2 primary goals for your curriculum vitae: Make it easy to International Business Communications Essay examples, read and make every word count.

In order to accomplish this, you need to use a font of at lengths, least 10-12 and make each section of your document stand out from the next by staggering blocks of information that take up different levels of horizontal space. For example, you may place your name, physical address, phone number, and email address at the top in the center. The Poem If? For contrast, you would place a sentence outlining your objective; perhaps something like: To obtain consistent and essay long term employment with a company in which my skills and talents will be utilized and appreciated. Because that sentence will take the entire width of the page, your next sections should be small and centered. This would be a great place to list your skills. If you place your employment in International Business Essay examples, the next section, that would be a great contrast to essay, your skills. Make a table with 2 columns and a few rows (just enough for your most relevant jobs). Add your title, previous employers, and their contact information in the left column and your job duties on the right. Finally, underneath your employment history, enter your education information centered on the page. Employers may or may not be interested in speaking with your personal references. The Poem If? If there is essay, any reason why your prospective employers shouldnít speak with your previous supervisors, try to avoid putting their contact information on wedding toast your Curriculum Vitae.

Otherwise, there should be plenty of professional references in essay lengths, your format for them to review. You can post a sentence on the bottom of your Curriculum Vitae either inviting your potential employer to call contacts from your employment history and/or letting him/her know that you have a list of personal references available if requested. If you have room on the page after leaving plenty of space in rastafarian, between each section, increase the font size of your name. If you have adequate or advanced linguistic skills, consider writing a short cover letter (3-5 small to moderate paragraphs) introducing yourself and outlining your skills, dedication, ambition, work ethic, and any other relevant piece of information that increases your appeal to an employer but may not have a proper place on your Curriculum Vitae. Essay? Cover letters are easy to disregard if an Thailand Business Communications Essay, employer isnít interested, and they can help to set you aside from other applicants if there is an interest in essay, learning more about you by reading your cover letter. You can either use the the poem if, outline provided in this article or you can create your own curriculum vitae outline containing your name, contact information, and the basic sections you will need to essay, fill out per application.

Save the outline and consistent information in a master file, and once youíve finished preparing a Curriculum Vitae for a job, choose ĎSave así and create a specific name for it. To find your Curriculum Vitae more quickly and conveniently, consider using the same name and changing only the International Business, last word. For example, you may save your resume as ĎMyResumeCompany.docí. Replace the word ĎCompanyí with each different place to which you submit your curriculum. How to Write a Great Cover Letter.

Landing a job is undoubtedly difficult in todayís economy. Writing a great cover letter is probably the lengths, most important step you can towards landing the job of their dreams. Why is writing a cover letter so important? It is the rastafarian, first thing a potential employer sees, and it will dictate whether or not the employer even looks at your resume. Even the most polished, professional resume doesnít stand a chance against a poorly written cover letter. How do you write a cover letter that not only a potential employer to read your resume, but also gets you invited for an interview? Writing a winning cover letter is essay lengths, not difficult if you follow a few simple steps: Just like an employer wonít look at a resume thatís attached to a poorly written cover letter, the employer wonít even bother to read the cover letter if itís a messy jumble of text. To create a professional-looking cover letter, be sure to Tennessee Williams‚Äô, use plenty of white space.

You should have, at a minimum, one inch margins and double spaces between paragraphs. Follow the guidelines for writing a basic business letter and be sure to essay, include a simple, text-only letterhead. In Glass? Your letterhead should be the same letterhead that appears on your resume. This is your one and essay lengths only chance to name drop, so take advantage of it. Potential employers want to know how you heard about the position. You should also identify the specific position that you are seeking, and state that you are applying for this position. Yes, itís obvious, but cover letters follow a long-established pattern, and this isnít the time to be a rebel. Finally, set the tone for the rest of the letter, and briefly state what you will be discussing.. If you have more than a few years of experience in Thailand Business examples, the field to essay lengths, which you are applying, your professional experience should be presented before your educational experience. First, write a topic sentence that presents one unified idea. If youíve held several jobs in Thailand Business Communications, this career, find the one aspect that these jobs have in common that will most impress your potential employer.

You also need to link this paragraph to your educational experience. Similar to your employment paragraph, you need to develop one unified idea rather than simply presenting a list of all the schools youíve attended and essay courses youíve taken. Determine which aspect of your education is most important to the position youíre applying for and present it here. A fourth and even fifth paragraph may be added if you need to present additional relevant information. Just remember to develop one idea per paragraph, and to keep the language, entire letter under one page. This is essay, your opportunity to tie everything together, leading the reader to invite you to Symbolism and Crossing the Rubicon in Tennessee ‚ÄúThe Menagerie.‚ÄĚ, an interview. Essay? You need to Character, reference your resume and any other included attachments.

In addition, you need to politely, yet confidently state that you wish to be invited to essay, an interview. Finally, state the easiest way for the employer to reach you, referring to the phone number and Communications Essay examples e-mail address in your letterhead. For important documents like cover letters, you need to go beyond your computerís spell check and essay lengths grammar check. Place the cover letter aside for a few hours, or overnight if possible, and Thailand Business Communications examples look at it with fresh eyes. You might find errors that you didnít see previously. As a final step, ask someone, who you trust will do a decent job, to proofread your cover letter.

Now, you have a well-written cover letter that will hopefully lead a potential employer to read your resume and ultimately invite you to an interview. The rest is up to you! How to prepare for a winning job interview. In a competitive market for available jobs, potential candidates should put in the necessary time and effort to make a solid impact. You must simply accept that itís a buyerís market, the buyer, in this case is the organization. Your first job as the seller is to sell yourself.

You need to stand out from the other candidates like a house with a shiny red door in a cookie-cutter neighborhood. Assume your resume and lengths cover letter is in a pile on a desk with plenty of rastafarian others, therefore you must find a way to essay lengths, rise to the top. You need to put yourself in Charlie examples, a stronger position, instead of you trying to chasing the job, make them convince you to lengths, take it. Your mindset dictates the demeanor you portray. If you seem too desperate, you donít make it to the next step, however, too arrogant and doors will close. You have to put yourself in the shoes of the Ed Essay, interviewer and essay lengths determine your moves every step of the rastafarian, way. Spend about five hours preparing for essay lengths each hour of interview, you want to investigate how you can deliver value to the organization. By researching and the poem if probing how you can make an impact in the position, you are going beyond the canned responses of most candidates.

Your resume should announce that you are qualified for the position. After the interview, you want to leave the impression that you can start the job tomorrow. Essay? You want to contact somebody who does the same job at the organization or similar enterprise and ask several questions. Itís a must that you discover the current challenges for the position within the organization and the industry as a whole. The next step is Character, succeed where so many candidates fall short, you want to essay, show initiative by suggesting ideas for the poem if the position. Lengths? Hiring managers have so many job functions to and Crossing Tennessee ‚ÄúThe Glass, perform, by proving that you not only did research concerning the essay lengths, position, but proposed suggestions, you show tremendous potential. You would be surprised how those that have been performing the job for years have not expressed such aptitude. Be prepared to go beyond lip service, you want to demonstrate the homework you have done. Reaching out to a current employee performing the wedding, same job function puts you over the top.

Donít be shy or feel like you are intruding. Many employees have innovative ideas about how to essay, perform their jobs better, tap into that information for free and then add your own spin. Use the language, power of imagination to stand out from the crowd, everybody else is going to be following the same job interview tips that get recycled over the web. If you want to make a lasting impression, you must put in the sweat and effort. Find someone who you can practice with until it comes out natural. Landing an offer in a tough economy requires considerable effort.

If you can demonstrate you can make an impact in essay lengths, your interview, your name will rise to the top of the pack. Copyright Curriculum-Vitae.In 2013 - Contact : webmaster All the Curriculum Vitae templates are at rastafarian, your disposal without any guaranty. The use of lengths these Curriculum samples is at your sole risk.