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Winston Churchill - Wikipedia

Winston churchill speech ww2

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Winston Churchill speech on World Ö

Nov 12, 2017 Winston churchill speech ww2, how to buy an essay online -
Winston Churchill - Wikipedia

Australian Soldiers Fighting on the Kokoda Trail During WW2. Why was it so difficult for the Australians to fight on the Kokoda Trail in 1942 during WW2? The battle of the Kokoda Trail occurred from July 1942 until January 1943 and is known as one of the most important battles of WW2. Located in Papua New Guinea, the Australian soldiers fought against winston speech ww2 the Japanese army in order to protect Australia. The Kokoda was the mormon religion, Ďbloodiestí of all battles in WW2 and included great involvement from the Australian soldiers. It was very difficult for the soldiers to fight in the battle. Churchill Speech Ww2! They had to rely on the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels for define help while they were struggling with the conditions and winston churchill ww2, illnesses that the battle had to offer. Revolutionary Movement To Gain! The Kokoda Trail was a very difficult battle to winston churchill ww2 be involved in and the Australian soldiers looked to and relied on the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels for help and assistance.

The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels were the indigenous people of Papua New Guinea. The Australians gave them their nickname because of their crazy and fuzzy hair. As the war was very difficult, the Fuzzy Wuzzys got involved and helped out the define interactionism, Australians as much as they could. Need essay sample on Australian Soldiers Fighting on the Kokoda Trail During WW2 ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $12.90/page. As there was no time to help the sick and wounded, the soldiers had to rely on the Fuzzy Wuzzys to churchill treat them. They would turn into Ďhuman ambulancesí and carry the wounded back to their village where they would then treat them and make them feel better (Ham, 2004, p. 211). When the Australians were injured they would take off the bandages and rub their wounds with bush medicine or give them what they needed to have a fast recovery.

The Fuzzy Wuzzys would be there at every call at any time of the day or night to assist the patients. Considering they knew nothing about the war until the troops started moved through their area, they were very generous and kind-hearted. P Ham stated ďThe men were not the only ones helping; the woman would carry the food tooĒ (Ham, 2004, p. 211). The Fuzzy Wuzzys also helped the men come to terms with the conditions and what was happening during that time. If it wasnít for the Fuzzy Wuzzys the conditions and circumstances would have been far more difficult to deal with.

While the battle was taking place, the define interactionism, soldiers formed a close friendship with the Fuzzy Wuzzys and the relationship they had made them even more determined to keep on speech ww2 fighting. Because the soldiers had formed a good friendship with the Fuzzy Wuzzys, they knew that they could count on them to be there when the soldiers needed them the most. They usually needed them the most to help and mend the sick and injured, deliver food to them while fighting or help protect the frontline from the enemy (Lindsay, 2009, p. 62). The Fuzzy Wuzzys saved hundreds of soldierís lives and Animal Therapy in Hospitals and Institutions Essay, Australia has hailed them as heroesí for their brave commitment. Without them, the soldiers wouldnít have been able to win due to the difficult conditions. Throughout the battle of Kokoda there were many problems that the soldiers had to overcome due to the difficult conditions such as shortages in food, ammunition and equipment that they required. Apart from the difficult fighting, half of the winston churchill, men died from the harsh conditions such as exhaustion and lack of food and water. The soldiers were fighting every minute and it became very exhausting. The terrain was undulated to the extreme and there was no short cut.

There was only Statement of Purpose M.S. in Electrical one way and that always meant they had to climb the churchill, steepest mountains. Bill James stated ďA modern day bushwalker could walk the edward rochester quotes, same distance in one hour that it took the winston, soldiers all night to doĒ (James, 2006, p. Define! 53). This proves that the conditions of the track made it very difficult to winston churchill speech ww2 survive especially when they were exhausted and Assisted Therapy and Institutions Essay, some wounded. Along with the difficult conditions, the soldiers had to carry all of their belonging on their back. They were required to churchill speech ww2 carry 25-30kg of food, ammunition and define, equipment. Winston! ĎThe Australianí WWII Kokoda and New Guinea magazine stated, the equipment that they had to carry included; headgear, weapons, uniforms, footwear and definition, very often walking sticks. Carrying all of this made everything far more difficult. Winston Churchill Speech Ww2! The Australians struggled with food and ammunition because it was so difficult to get the supplies up the track due to interactionism the conditions. Sometimes, by the time the food and materials reached the soldiers it was either wet from the rain or half of it got lost on the way.

Dealing with the food and ammunition shortages, the churchill ww2, track conditions they also had to deal with the weather. While fighting on mormon religion the Kokoda it rained almost every day. Patrick Lindsay stated that the total rainfall that was recorded while the battle was taking place was approximately five metres (Lindsay, 2009, p. 55). The rainfall along with the other conditions made it extremely difficult for the Australians to fight. The soldiers also suffered emotionally when their friends and other Australians died as they were all very close to each other. Some statistics from the Field Guide to Kokoda howed that there was over 400 Australian soldiers killed due to the fighting and sicknesses and 1600 wounded. All of the struggles that the soldiers had to deal with contribute to how just how difficult the battle actually was. At the battle of Kokoda, the conditions were so difficult and beyond imaginable that it caused many illnesses and diseases that the winston speech, soldiers had to mormon religion overcome. While the battle was taking place there were more soldiers brought out of the battlefield due to illnesses than wounded.

Both sides suffered many casualties due to sickness caused by tropical diseases. Due to the weather conditions, the winston churchill speech, wetness made the diseases spread even faster. Movement Strength! The most common tropical diseases were malaria, parasitic infections and diseases caused by insects and winston churchill speech, mosquitoes (The Kokoda Trail). As these diseases were spreading around the soldiers, some of the time they had to for an M.S. in Electrical example call in doctors to operate. Saying this, the doctors could not operate near the front line due to the atrocious conditions and the continual attacks from the Japanese. This meant that if a soldier was not given medical help within a certain amount of winston ww2 time he would die. This happened in some cases.

Men with serious wounds would get little treatment to mormon religion ease the pain. McKinlay stated that they needed eight men to relieve the wounded and eight men to carry the stretcher (McKinlay, 2004, p. 45). Carrying a wounded soldier was a very difficult task. Through some parts of the track a stretcher had to be passed hand over hand up hill. This made it very difficult for the sick and wounded to get the help that they needed. Not only winston churchill speech did the wetness cause the quotes, tropical diseases. Soldiers would quickly become malnourished, weakened and susceptible to churchill speech ww2 catch one of the diseases (McKinlay, 2004, p. 5). Sublet, a lieutenant Colonel that fought in the Kokoda battle stated that having an alliance with the United States offered great relief for those Australians who were sick and mormon religion, wounded. The Kokoda Trail was so difficult for the Australian soldiers to fight in as the conditions were so horrific.

The soldiers were faced with supply shortages, illnesses and wounds along with the help from winston speech ww2 The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels. The Kokoda Trail was an important part in Australian history and all of the soldiers are to of Purpose M.S. be remembered and honoured as heroes for protecting our country.

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Winston Churchill speech on World Ö

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Winston Churchill speech on World Ö

Is Going to College and Getting a Degree Worth It? Ė Pros #038; Cons. James Smith, a 2015 graduate of the University of Texas, continues to winston churchill speech ww2 live at home while working as the manager of a local dry cleaning establishment. He struggles to make his monthly $282 student loan payments, a significant portion of his biweekly take home pay of $807. With a B.A. in history, James expected to find a job with a research organization or large corporation. He had been reassured by college counselors that history majors were in demand because businesses needed employees who could read and write with critical thinking skills. To his dismay, neither school interviews nor extensive mailings of mormon religion his resume have resulted in any realistic job offers. Chris, James’ best friend, disliked school and had no interest in college. With rising oil prices driving up the demand for oil field workers, Chris quickly found work as a roustabout for $18 an hour after high school graduation.

Four years later, he is making $60,000 on a drilling crew. Chris has an apartment, a new pickup truck, and money in the bank. Today, James wonders if college was worth it. He hasn’t found work in his chosen field and still depends on his parents for room and board. He is stuck in a job with few benefits and ww2, no prospects for advancement. Students today are paying more to attend college and earning less when they graduate.

Is it still worth the money, effort, and edward, time? According to The College Board, the average cost of an academic year in an in-state public college in winston speech ww2 2015-2016 was $24,061 including room and board. An academic year at a private university averaged $47,831. Define Interactionism. According to churchill the Complete College America Alliance of mormon religion States, the number of winston ww2 students graduating with a bachelor’s degree in four years ranges between 19% and 36%, depending on the university. The average graduate spends an extra half to a full year to the communist revolutionary in china graduate (4.4 to 4.9 years), adding to the base costs of winston speech ww2 attendance. As a consequence, the typical cost of an undergraduate degree is well over $100,000, not including the lost income for edward the extra years spent in school, or interest incurred in paying back loans. It’s imperative to winston ww2 determine if the define interactionism, exorbitant price tag is worth it. While college is winston speech ww2 ideal for some people, it’s not for everyone. Caused Revolutionary Movement In China. In 2015, almost 30% of graduating high school seniors decided not to attend college. Winston. Of those who choose to attend, only half graduate within six to eight years, according to what caused the communist movement the Department of Education.

Those who do graduate may find that their expected job is difficult to churchill land in 2015, the Animal Therapy, unemployment rate for 20- to 24-year-olds with a bachelor’s degree or higher was 11%, according to winston speech the National Center for Education Statistics. Define. Per the Federal Reserve Bank of churchill ww2 New York, as of 2012, 44% of what caused movement in china strength recent graduates were underemployed, working jobs that do not require a degree, driven by their need to winston churchill start repaying college loans. College is expensive, time-consuming, and fraught with distractions. Every week, the average student incurs 12 to 15 hours of class time, spending another 18 to 25 hours studying, according to the National Survey of definition Student Engagement. Almost 15% spend more than 26 hours per week preparing for class. Over 80% of students believe that they spend “quite a bit” or “very much” time on academic work. Just graduating from college is not enough to ensure a good job or a bright future class standing matters. A 2014 report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York indicated that those graduating in the lower 25% of their college class earn about the same or less than the typical worker with a high school degree.

As a consequence, the winston, authors note that the cost of earning a bachelor’s degree isn’t worth it for some people. Fortunately, there are alternatives. According to the American Association of define interactionism Community Colleges, 50% of college undergraduates go to a community college, with minorities especially taking this route. Attending a community college for an associate degree costs considerably less than attending a four-year institution, with 2015-2016 annual tuition averaging $3,430 at more than 1,100 community colleges nationwide. Furthermore, most attendees continue to live with family while in school, and more than two-thirds of the students work part-time. An associate’s degree typically takes 60 semester hours (or two years) to complete as a full-time student and winston churchill speech, is considered the interactionism, equivalent of the churchill ww2, freshman and sophomore years of mormon religion college.

Students take a variety of classes, including basic courses in English, mathematics, humanities (economics and history), and science. Winston Churchill Ww2. Those who hold associate’s degree are likely to continue to be in demand, finding work as occupational and physical therapists, registered nurses, dental hygienists, paralegals, preschool teachers, and electronics/engineering technicians, according to Business Insider. Many students elect to pursue certification, which shows that the student has satisfactorily completed a specialized form of training. Assisted Therapy In Hospitals Essay. Most certification programs take less than a year to complete, although some specialized fields can take up to winston ww2 four years. Mormon Religion. Passing an exam at the end of winston churchill a program is often necessary to demonstrate competence. According to a report from Georgetown University, 12% of the labor force has a certificate of some kind about the Assisted Therapy in Hospitals and Institutions, same number who have received a graduate degree.

Middle skills jobs those jobs that require some education and training beyond high school, but less than a bachelor’s degree represent about half the jobs in churchill speech the workforce, and definition, continue to be the foundation of the churchill, middle class. Certifications are available in occupations like plumbing, electrical work, machining, clerical work, police work, and firefighting. Demand for qualified applicants is mormon religion significantly higher than supply due to a lack of education and training in the necessary skills to perform the speech ww2, work. In addition to traditional trade jobs, the advancement of technology is creating new demand for such occupations as manufacturing and maintenance technicians for complex machinery, computer programmers, and those who design, manufacture, and install all kinds of sensors. Robert Cohen, a senior fellow at the Economic Strategy Institute, claims that as many as 25 million new jobs will be created by 2031. According to the Harvard Business Review, new technologies “require specific new skills that schools don’t teach and labor markets don’t supply.” ManpowerGroup‘s annual poll of global employers found that skilled trades jobs are the Animal Assisted in Hospitals and Institutions, hardest to fill. As a consequence, trade schools and community colleges are expanding their course offerings, while companies are bulking up their in-house training and ww2, development departments. The growing need for middle-skilled jobs is an mormon religion, opportunity for those high school graduates seeking an alternative to four years of college and a load of student debt at graduation. Apprenticeships are structured, systematic programs of supervised on-the-job training.

They may also include classroom instruction, typically provided by employers, labor unions, or employer associations. Depending on winston churchill speech ww2, the occupation, apprenticeships last from caused revolutionary to gain strength one to six years with raise increases as students gain work experience. Apprenticeships are available in more than 1,000 occupations including plumbing, electrical work, masonry, dental assistant work, and heavy equipment operation. Statistics from the Department of Labor (DOL) indicate the average starting wage of an apprentice is $15 per hour. Due to the personal or on-site nature of the speech ww2, work, these jobs are unlikely to define interactionism be outsourced overseas. The DOL and winston churchill, federally recognized State Apprenticeship Agencies operate a formal Registered Apprenticeship Program.

According to the White House Office of the Therapy, Press Secretary an ardent supporter of apprenticeships programs 87% of apprentices are employed after completing their programs, with an average starting wage greater than $50,000. Incomes vary, but the highest incomes today are earned by elevator installers and churchill speech, repairers, pile-driver operators, plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters. The Federal Government recently announced a new $90 million investment encouraging apprenticeship programs. High school graduates are actively recruited to join one of the military branches Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard with an assignment to one of many career specializations that are transferable to auteurism civilian life. Depending upon their service, many discharged service members receive college credits that can be transferred to a college if they pursue a degree. High school graduates can also apply for a full four-year scholarship, including the cost of books and medical and ww2, dental care, at one of the five service academies: U.S. Edward Quotes. Military Academy at West Point, New York U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado U.S.

Coast Guard Academy at New London, Connecticut U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, New York. Graduates receive a Bachelor of Science degree and then commissioned as officers in their respective service branch. Speech. In all cases, there is mormon religion a five-year service obligation. Many high school seniors elect to join the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) offered in more than 1,000 colleges nationwide. By committing to serve for some years after graduation, they receive a paid college education including room and board. After graduation, they can participate in an officer candidate school (OCS) and graduate as an officer (second lieutenant or ensign, depending upon the branch of speech ww2 service). Starting pay for a new recruit with a high school degree is comparable to mormon religion private-sector entry level jobs for other graduates, with promotions and additional pay depending upon the recruit’s service specialty, location, and tenure.

Compensation includes a housing allowance, health and dental benefits, and education benefits under the Post-9/11 GI Bill and the Yellow Ribbon Program. According to an Army pay calculator, a 15-year veteran can earn up to $83,019. Some students elect to find employment immediately after high school, hoping that actual work experience will offset a lack of college credentials. Others consider full-time work as temporary, lasting a few years in order to speech save for college or experience life without the day-to-day rigors of school and parental control. Statement Of Purpose M.S. Essay Example. According to PayScale, a recent college graduate will find an winston ww2, average starting salary of $9.83 hourly, growing to $14.20 an hour by years five to Therapy and Institutions Essay nine. However, jobs can be hard to find, with more than 16.4% of 2015 graduates unemployed, according to the Bureau of speech Labor Statistics. Definition. While some graduates find a well-paying position, the choice for many high school graduates is limited to food service, retail, or clerical occupations at the minimum wage or slightly above. Many of the highest paying jobs for winston ww2 a high school graduate such as oil field worker, electrical power-line installer, and railroad worker require working in extreme working conditions with volatile materials or dangerous equipment. Hours are often irregular and require extensive time away from home. Promotion often depends upon further training, whether on-the-job or completion of a certification course.

Many claim that scholarships and grants dramatically reduce the costs of the communist revolutionary movement in china attendance. According to The College Board, about two-thirds of full-time students paid for college with the help of grants and scholarships in winston speech 2014-2015. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) estimates that 51% of this aid goes to students whose family income is define interactionism below the median household income ($57,263) of the United States. According to churchill speech ww2 NCES, the average amount of annual assistance for a student attending a four-year public college was $5,000 in 2011-12, increasing on average of define interactionism $100 per winston ww2 year. The most common grants Pell Grants are based upon need, college, and status as a part- or full-time student and provide up to $5,815 annually for a maximum of six years (12 semesters). Scholarship experts recommend that students diligently seek as many scholarships and grants as possible, but note that very few receive enough aid to cover all of their college costs. Mark Kantrowitz, the mormon religion, author of “Secrets to Winning a Scholarship” and churchill, publisher of, notes at The Color Of Money that less than 1% of students receive enough to define interactionism cover the full cost of attendance. There are fewer scholarships available based upon need due to a combination of tight state budgets and ww2, a trend to the communist in china to gain strength merit-based grants. On average, college scholarships reduce the costs of attending a four-year school by about 20%, to slightly less than $20,000 per year, or $92,000 for the 4.6 years of attendance.

Many colleges have established need- and merit-based scholarships through their endowment funds, especially Ivy League schools. According to U.S. News, Harvard’s endowment fund is the winston churchill ww2, largest in the nation with more than $36 billion, while Yale is of Purpose M.S. in Electrical Essay second with almost $24 billion. Princeton ranks fourth on the list at $20.5 billion. Stanford University third on the list is using its $21.4 billion fund to offer students whose parents have an annual income or assets less than $125,000 free tuition. The students whose parents make less than $65,000 annually can receive free room and board. According to the 2014 Sallie Mae National Study of College Students and Parents, the winston speech ww2, average family pays 37% of their children’s college cost with their income, savings, and what movement in china strength, borrowing. Churchill. The student covers an additional 27% through work, savings, or borrowing (scholarships and friends account for the remaining 35%). According to The Wall Street Journal, the average 2016 graduate leaves college with more than $37,000 in public and private debt.

There are multiple federal student loan programs available to of Purpose M.S. in Electrical Essay undergraduate and graduate students, with interest rates generally lower than those charged by private lenders. Some loans are need-based with annual and lifetime limits. To reduce the cost of college attendance and increase job opportunities, high school students should do the following: Begin Preparation Early in High School . Grades and winston churchill speech ww2, class standing matter in interactionism the distribution of scholarships. College admission directors recommend that high school applicants have a minimum of winston speech four years of caused the communist movement in china to gain strength language arts (English reading, writing, and speaking), four years of math including algebra and geometry, three years of science, and two years of foreign language. Winston Churchill Ww2. Every applicant should be proficient with computers.

Take advanced classes or dual credit (college and high school) when they are available. Study for the ACT and Statement for an M.S. Essay, SAT . Many colleges require a minimum score for admission or consideration for churchill speech ww2 scholarships. Prep courses are available through books, classes, and online. According to The Wall Street Journal, freshmen entering Georgia State University with a SAT score of 1200 might qualify only for a one-time $500 award, while those who score 50 points higher might be eligible for a renewable scholarship of $3,000 a year. Apply Early for Scholarships and Statement of Purpose for an M.S. Essay example, Grants . Ww2. In addition to the financial assistance provided by colleges, state governments and the Federal Government typically offer need-based assistance.

Companies, civic groups, and organizations are a major source of merit-based aid. There are scholarships exclusively for minority students, women, and mormon religion, arts and music majors, as well as scholarships available for those who perform community service. Students should apply as early as possible since there is more demand than supply for the better-known programs. Seek College Credits . Passing Advanced Placement tests and winston speech ww2, taking dual credit courses junior and senior high courses that meet high school graduation requirements and earn college credits simultaneously can reduce tuition costs and the time required to get a bachelor’s degree. Select a Major That Will Be in Demand at Graduation . Unless the student plans to attend law school or graduate school, or teach, a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) or business degree rather than a liberal arts degree may have a higher financial return. Attend a Community College for Freshman and Sophomore Years . Tuition costs at a community college are substantially less than those of a four-year school. Also, students can live at home, avoiding the define interactionism, costs of room and board.

It is important to confirm that community college credits can be transferred and will be accepted in full by the subsequent four-year college before making course selections. Attend Summer Sessions . Churchill Ww2. Summer classes have shorter terms and smaller classes. Attending can allow you to keep on in Hospitals Essay, track for graduation, or even cut a semester or two off a four-year track. A fall or spring semester typically runs 30 weeks (excluding time off), while a summer semester is usually 12 weeks with minimal breaks. Churchill Ww2. While tuition costs are similar, ancillary costs room and board, entertainment, and travel are typically less due to the shorter semester duration. Take Online Courses . As college costs rise, more students are using online courses sometimes referred to as long-distance learning as a substitute or supplement to Animal Assisted in Hospitals Essay on-campus classes. Winston Speech. Due to costs, time conflicts with a job, or remote location, some students pursue online degrees. Attend a Flagship Public University . Many flagship universities are generous providers of define merit aid, especially those who are trying to raise their college rankings. Each state has its own flagships, such as the University of Florida, Ohio State University, or University of speech ww2 Texas at mormon religion, Austin. According to a 2009 study by ww2 economist Mark Hoekstra, enrolling in a College Board-recognized flagship public university increased earnings by 20% over a less recognized school.

Dr. Philip Guo, a Stanford Ph.D. Mormon Religion. graduate now teaching at the University of San Diego, claims an ww2, added benefit: that attending a name-brand university will make it easier to “get interviews and job offers at prestigious big companies.” A study by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York indicates that choice of college majors significantly affect the return on a degree. Graduates with degrees in engineering, math, and IT majors providing technical training have greater employment opportunities and earn almost double the return on liberal arts, agriculture, and education majors. Caused In China To Gain. Another study The Multi-Generational Job Search Study 2014 claims that only 2% of companies actively recruit liberal arts graduates versus 27% for engineering and computer information systems and 18% for business majors. Explanations for the decrease in more liberal arts study include automation and offshoring of less specialized and routine tasks. A report by winston churchill speech ww2 the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU) and National Center for mormon religion Higher Education Management Systems recognizes that the earnings gap between liberal arts and science/math majors significantly expands throughout a career.

For example, a graduate in mathematics or the physical or the natural sciences earns 30% more during the peak earnings years between 56 and 60. Another study published by speech ww2 the National Bureau of mormon religion Economic Research claims that a STEM graduate earned $1.8 million more than student with a degree in churchill the health field over a working career. The AACU research notes that 40% of liberal arts graduates go on to earn advanced degrees and are more likely to pursue social service jobs (such as counselors, community service workers, and religious workers). Whether B.A. graduates are drawn to such jobs or because they are the only jobs left is unclear. Best Least Paying College Majors.

According to Katie Bardaro, lead economist at compensation research firm PayScale, “Unless you go to a top-20 brand name school, what matters most to mormon religion employers is your major.” According to her firm’s research, the highest paying jobs by churchill speech ww2 salary potential for a bachelor degree graduate are as follows: Writing in The Wall Street Journal, Arianna Huffington, president and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group, advises, “Ultimately, success is not about money or position, but about living the life you want, not just the life you settle for.” Studies from the Marist College Institute of Public Opinion and Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School suggests the rochester, ideal range of annual income for maximum happiness is between $50,000 and $75,000. The following table consists of the bottom 10 majors ranked by starting salary and expected salary with 10 years of experience. Churchill Ww2. Fortunately, income is not the only consideration when choosing a career. Employment and Income Opportunities. Statistics have historically indicated that college graduates have more job opportunities. According to a 2014 Pew Research report, millennials with a bachelor’s degree between the ages of 25 and 32 had an unemployment rate of 3.2%; high school graduates of the same age experienced a rate almost 300% higher at 12.2%. Also, college graduates earn more money over their careers than those with lesser educations.

A report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Assisted Therapy and Institutions Essay St. Louis suggests that the average college graduate not only maintains a higher annual income than the average high school graduate throughout the winston speech, working careers, but the premium for education expands over define interactionism, a lifetime. For example, the present value of lifetime future earnings for winston churchill a college graduate born in 1980 was $1.43 million at age 30 while the present value of future earnings for his high school counterpart was $941,000, a difference of Therapy almost $493,700. A comparison of the earnings of high school and college graduates born in 1970 and compared at age 30 indicated a difference in their future lifetime earnings’ present value of $390,000. The increase of winston speech more than $100,000 in additional present value of lifetime earnings between those born in edward rochester quotes 1970 and winston churchill, 1980 in the past decade suggests that the Animal Assisted Therapy Essay, premium for a college degree over a high school degree has widened.

The report concludes that the lifetime benefits of winston churchill a college education have never been so high. For many people, having a college degree of any major is likely to edward rochester quotes increase lifetime earnings better than having a high school degree alone. The disparity in income between college and high school graduates is increasing, even though middle-class incomes have been stagnant for more than a decade. During the same period, wages for high school graduates have fallen and continue to be under pressure. However, the advantage of churchill ww2 a bachelor’s degree versus an edward quotes, associate degree or a trade certification is less certain. The following table illustrates one example of the time required to recover the cost of an winston speech, average college graduate’s education and the lost wages going to edward rochester school compared to a high school graduate who enters the workforce immediately. The calculations are based upon the current average costs for four-year college and community colleges, the speech ww2, typical time required to caused the communist revolutionary movement in china to gain earn a certificate or a degree, and the average pay premium for certificate and degree holders versus high school graduates. It should be noted that the average retirement age in the U.S. is 62 following approximately 40 years of working for a college graduate. Speech Ww2. Even though it will take the college graduate more than 18 years to Therapy in Hospitals and Institutions reach financial parity with the high school graduate in this example, the former will earn almost $2,000 a month more than the churchill ww2, high school graduate for the last 21 years of their work careers ($500,000 more over the duration of a lifetime). A study by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York indicates that the average return on investment in higher education depends upon the major course of study. The study considered 13 different majors including education, liberal arts, and auteurism, engineering and found the average lifetime return on the investment in a bachelor degree was 15%, well above the return for speech investments in Statement M.S. Engineering Essay stocks, bonds, or real estate.

However, this conclusion assumes median salaries and churchill speech ww2, the top three-quarters of the college graduating class. The financial advantages of college are less clear for those students who graduate in rochester the lower 25th percentile of their college class. On the other hand, the winston churchill speech, average return on an investment in an associate’s degree has been about the same since 1982, ranging from of Purpose in Electrical Engineering Essay 13% to 16% annually. Non-financial Benefits of College Attendance for the Student. People who have never attended a college sometimes have a distorted or incomplete view of college life and activities. Winston Ww2. The stereotypes range from define Bluto Blutarsky, a seven-year attendee in the film “Animal House” played by John Belushi, to exceptionally bright students like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, who dropped out to found billion-dollar companies.

The three do not represent the typical college student, nor the lifetime benefits they are likely to receive by college attendance (It’s worth noting, Blutarsky becomes a United States senator in winston speech the movie.) A decision to attend college should include the non-financial consequences of what caused the communist to gain strength graduation. According to the American Economic Association, studies show multiple non-pecuniary benefits for college attendance versus a high school graduation only. The benefits include the following: A greater sense of winston ww2 personal accomplishment, leading to quotes higher volunteerism More independence, with a greater ability to understand the opinions of winston churchill speech ww2 others More and deeper social interactions, resulting in fewer divorces and mental health episodes Better health and longer lives due to exercising more and avoiding smoking. College attendees are more likely to participate in mormon religion civic organizations and winston churchill, vote. Many of the contacts made in edward college remain close for a lifetime people you can call on to share a beer, find employment, or be a reference. If the key to success is not what you know but who you know, attending college can be extremely valuable as it vastly expands your network.

Benefits of College for the Next Generation. The non-pecuniary benefits of a parent’s college graduation extend to their children. A report by speech ww2 The College Board indicates that children ages three to five years whose mothers have bachelor’s degrees are: Four times more likely to recognize the letters of the alphabet Twice as likely to count to 20 and read or pretend to read storybooks 30% more likely to write their names. Students (kindergarten through eighth grade) with a parent who graduated from college are three times more likely than children of high school parents to participate in scouting and arts-related after-school activities, and two-and-a-half times more likely to participate in religious activities. Virtually every financial authority agrees that more education leads to quotes greater lifetime income. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, “Education requirements for jobs are climbing across the board.” The Georgetown Public Policy Institute predicts a 2020 shortage of five million workers with post-secondary educations.

While a significant portion of these jobs will not require a college degree, continued specialized training after high school in a community college or an apprentice program will be necessary. The decision to churchill speech pursue a college degree is a difficult choice. Fortunately, lacking a college degree isn’t always restricting. History is full of accomplished people without formal education. Ultimately, it’s not the degree that makes the difference, but the willingness to learn and adapt to change. Statement Of Purpose Engineering. Malcolm Forbes, the creator of the business magazine bearing his surname, once said, “The purpose of an education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.” Alvin Toffler, an editor of Fortune magazine and the author of “Future Shock,” noted that “the illiterate of the future will not be the person who cannot read. It will be the person who does not know how to learn.” What do you think? Is a college degree with the investment? Michael R. Lewis is winston churchill a retired corporate executive and entrepreneur. During his 40+ year career, Lewis created and definition, sold ten different companies ranging from oil exploration to winston churchill speech ww2 healthcare software.

He has also been a Registered Investment Adviser with the SEC, a Principal of one of the larger management consulting firms in interactionism the country, and a Senior Vice President of the largest not-for-profit health insurer in the United States. Mike's articles on personal investments, business management, and the economy are available on winston, several online publications. He's a father and grandfather, who also writes non-fiction and biographical pieces about what caused movement in china strength, growing up in the plains of West Texas - including The Storm. Sign up below to get the free Money Crashers email newsletter! 9 Apple Cider Vinegar Tricks That Benefit Your Health #038; Wallet. 24 Best New Bank Account Promotions #038; Offers Ė Oct 2017. How Repair Cafes #038; Fix-It Groups Can Save You Money and Avoid Waste. Should I Join AmeriCorps? Ė Benefits #038; Drawbacks of Service. RV Living: How to Choose a Camper #038; Where to winston churchill ww2 Camp. RV Living: How to define Choose a Domicile State and Get Mail.

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allen iverson essays In admiration of Iverson. By David Halberstam. Winston Ww2? Page 2 columnist. Even if the auteurism, Lakers had won, which in the end they did not, it would have been a magnificent game, because the Sixers had pushed them so hard, pushed them to ww2 match Allen Iverson's level of passion. Define? For it was obvious that Iverson controlled the pace of the game, not just by his own play but by his infectious effect on his teammates, and winston churchill speech ww2 thus in turn his effect on the Lakers. If that Game 1 assault upon the Laker journey to interactionism an unbeaten playoff record wasn't bad enough, the Sixers, in speech, Games 2 and 3, again challenged the quotes, Lakers. In both games, they lost, but they also pushed L.A. very near the breaking point, leaving them confused and uncertain at critical moments in the fourth quarter. Game 1 clearly had not been a fluke, or a result of too long a layoff for the Lakers. Iverson has the rare capacity to bring a lesser team to parity with what was seemingly a far more powerful team. I have been learning to admire Iverson this season, and churchill speech it's turning out to of Purpose in Electrical Engineering be a good deal of fun. Winston Speech Ww2? I don't know whether it matters if I like Iverson or not.

We come from different worlds, and we are likely, once the Finals are over, to remain part of our different worlds. Just to admire him is good enough. Iverson is very simply, no matter how well Shaq or Kobe or Tracy McGrady played, the edward rochester, great story of this basketball season, and if you think about it, I suspect, the single most interesting success story of the past basketball, baseball and football seasons. He has taken a team of players with a medium talent level and churchill speech struck terror into the hearts of a team with vastly greater size and talent. He has commanded our interest and our own emotions in these Finals against great odds.

He has Phil Jackson calling timeouts, and definition Lakers fans aware that a five- or six-point lead near the end of the game is not enough because Shaq can't shoot free throws. On the sidelines Jack Nicholson looks unnaturally tense. Learning to admire Iverson took time. I am not a hip-hop kind of guy. I don't call people, Bro', or talk of The Hood. To me, Pearl Harbor -- the churchill speech, news of which I remember all too well -- is the beginning of a hard frightening four-year war (during which we moved some 10 times because my father went back in the service) not a bad, indeed almost a profane movie. However, Iverson, if he has seen it, might well think it's a good movie -- after all, it's made for his generation with lots of video-game dogfight sequences. I own no rap CDs, and by instinct when I hear the Statement of Purpose M.S. in Electrical Engineering example, name Snoop Dogg, it sounds to me like that of someone who should be in a comic strip. So, we have our cultural differences, or perhaps more accurately our cultural divide. Winston Speech Ww2? I think it's safe to for an Essay example assume that in my eyes he arrives with more cultural baggage than I like, and that if I were doing a piece on him, I would have more cultural baggage than he would prefer.

I, like many others of my generation, did not like what he seemed to represent. Nor was it just the surface manifestations of alienation, although in winston churchill, truth they matter, for we judge each other first on surfaces. (I don't want, said a friend of define interactionism mine who has Knicks season tickets, speaking of the old Iverson about three years ago, to root for someone who looks like he might mug me.) And the surface manifestations are, in fact, very different, and to the white middle-aged fan, they are at ww2, first quite offputting: the cornrowed hair, the M.S. Engineering example, tattoos, the body piercing, the somewhat volatile relationship with the law. But more important was his game. He was, I thought, like all too many young athletes in the NBA, disrespectful of winston opponents, disrespectful of teammates, disrespectful of his coaches, and in rochester quotes, some way, I thought, disrespectful of the game. The transgressions in previous years were all too numerous, the winston churchill speech, fights with coaches, the deliberate tardiness to practices, the sulking when he was taken out of a game, the of Purpose for an in Electrical Engineering Essay, sense he gave out that his real team was his posse, who represented what he was and where he came from, and that it was to winston churchill speech them that his true loyalty lay, not his Sixers teammates, who were involuntarily merely his business associates. I saw all the mormon religion, talent, heard all the fuss, and thought that in the end the winston speech ww2, talent didn't really matter, because finally it was about caused the communist revolutionary movement to gain self, and as much as he added to a team with his talent, he managed in other ways to winston ww2 subtract with his behavior. In the past, I -- and, I think, a great many sports fans of my general background, gender, class, race -- have remained largely immune to his talents.

Yes, he was very talented, exceptionally quick, and tough, and he could score and he could pass. Interactionism? No one, it seemed, could get a shot off that quickly. But 50-point games do not move me. So, there was always a gulf between us. We come from not merely different, but really quite separate Americas. We only meet, in the sense that we meet at winston, all-- which we do mostly electronically -- because of his superb athletic skills. Caused Movement In China To Gain? Otherwise, we would be each other's invisible men, effectively vague, faceless shadows to each other in our daily lives, at best stereotypes. I am white, a college graduate, old enough to churchill speech be his grandfather. I was 26 when his mother was born. I belong to the generation which, when it was young, held its breath hoping that Jackie Robinson would succeed when he broke in back in 1947, and I have watched with pleasure the coming of the revolutionary movement in china, social revolution in American sports, the coming of the new immensely talented black athletes in all sports. In my 20s and churchill ww2 30s I covered civil rights in the South.

I take a certain degree of alienation on the part of black athletes for Animal Therapy in Hospitals granted -- I'm somewhat surprised when it isn't there. Ww2? I'm not easily offended by manifestation of black dissent or separatism. The decision of Cassius Clay to interactionism become Muhammad Ali did not bother me. Nor did his decision not to serve in Vietnam -- although it greatly offended many journalists from the generation older than me (even when their own sons were not going to Vietnam). Winston Speech Ww2? The early afros of the movement to gain, 1960s didn't bother me.

Athletes at the 1968 Olympics raising their hands in black power didn't bother me. But I feel that whatever your beliefs, you have to prove yourself, first and winston churchill foremost, by what you do, and mormon religion how good you are at your profession, and speech ww2 your alienation better not interfere with your job. Caused Revolutionary Movement Strength? Having said that, let me make a number of other points. We should, I think, before we continue, be aware of a number of things. One is churchill speech ww2, that the media does not always get the business of who is a good guy and who is not a good guy exactly right, and that it tends to go softer on winners in these judgments because it wants, however unconsciously, access to winners. The media wants good guys to win and the bad guys to lose, and tends almost without knowing it, to award an edge in being a good guy to the winner for quotes merely winning. Inevitably, it thereupon tends to search harder for the warts of the losers than the warts of the winners. Sometimes, because of this, it tends to blow the call. Thus in the ongoing competition between Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams back in the 1950s, the media -- actually the press in those days -- spent a good deal of time deciding who gets white hats and black hats. And they decided that DiMaggio was the good guy, and Williams the bad guy. That turned out to be a colossal mistake.

By contrast, Williams, tempestuous, systematically assaulted by a brutal Boston media, was by churchill ww2 far the better, in all ways a more open and for an M.S. in Electrical Engineering Essay example more interesting person. He was a beloved teammate. But the winston, Yankees won regularly, and the Red Sox, much weaker in of Purpose for an M.S. Essay, pitching, won only churchill speech ww2, once. DiMaggio got the white hat, Williams the mormon religion, black. Comparably in the Bill Russell-Wilt Chamberlain competition, Russell (surrounded generally by better teammates) almost always won on the court, and was in time awarded the white hat by churchill speech the media. In truth, Russell has always been, except to a small handful of people who go back a long way with him, aloof and what caused revolutionary in china to gain unacceptably difficult to deal with, whereas Chamberlain was by contrast open, generous and accommodating to all kinds of winston people. Of Purpose Engineering? So, it is important to remember that the media can get its images wrong: or as Danny Ainge once said about Charles Barkley, back before Barkley emerged as a national charmer, (someone with far greater talent to host a nightly talk show than Jay Leno), I've known a lot of bad guys pretending to be good guys, but Charles is the only good guy pretending to be a bad guy I've ever known.

We ought to be aware that athletes, both white and black, who are often said to be religious, might in fact be narrow-minded and bigoted. We got a reminder of that this year with the Knicks. I am also aware that athletes who are presumed to winston churchill speech ww2 be likable, and define interactionism are portrayed as likeable, are not in speech ww2, fact necessarily likeable, particularly as they have in recent years become ever bigger players in the sports-popular cultural scene, paid more and more, and, of course, coddled more and more, and, of the communist in china strength course, shielded more and winston churchill speech more from the rules and codes of the larger society. The Communist Movement In China To Gain Strength? We ought to remember that some of speech them have learned not merely the ability to spin beat reporters, but in the case of Dave Winfield, for instance, allegedly a good guy -- who will ever really know? -- there were virtually full-time public relations people working for him to create an aura that Winfield was a concerned citizen and a good guy. (I was once assigned a magazine piece by Animal in Hospitals the New York Times on winston, Winfield, but by the time I had dealt with all the People from Dave, Paid for Assisted by Dave -- and not the Yankees -- his lawyers and his own PR people -- I decided he wasn't worth bothering with.) What kind of guy is X? I once asked my friend Steve Kelley, a talented columnist for the Seattle Times, mentioning a player on the Lakers a decade ago who seemed to be unusually pleasant and personable. He's athlete-nice , Kelley answered. That struck me as a shrewd assessment -- and a new category. Churchill Speech Ww2? What it meant was that X was within reason amenable to revolutionary movement dealing with the world around him, was not a raving egomaniac, and would on occasion talk with people with some degree of openness and candor, and winston churchill ww2 did not expect to be catered to at all times.

But it had to be done on his terms and when it suited him and that he would be open and define interactionism amenable was hardly a given. Winston Churchill? So, Kelley was offering me a different scale on which to Assisted Therapy Essay judge athletes, one different from measuring other human beings, other than say stars of the movies and television. Everything tends to be done on their terms, and they expect everything to be done on their terms. We are grateful for their smaller attentions and we more readily forgive their medium-sized transgressions. As one of Mickey Mantle's teammates once said of winston churchill ww2 him, it was a function of his charm and his fame that he could play the worst practical jokes in what the communist movement strength, the world on his teammates, and everyone would laugh because it was Mickey Mantle doing it. So, the churchill ww2, question about Iverson is not whether or not he is Assisted, likeable. Let us assume that he is neither more or less likeable than most professional athletes, although perhaps slightly more alienated as noted by lifestyle, not surprising considering the raw nature of churchill his childhood. Let us assume that he is auteurism, as much culturally outside the winston churchill speech, reach of the average middle-class white fan as the normal son of the ghetto who never makes it to mormon religion professional basketball is -- that is, that there is a lot of stuff that festers there. I suspect Iverson would not like the average person who roots for him very much, nor would, in churchill speech ww2, fact, the average person who roots for him necessarily like him if they met in a neutral setting. Let us assume as well, that a certain amount of edward raw sexist and homophobic language is not that unusual in the average locker room -- although to make a CD that demeans women and speech ww2 mocks gays takes it a good deal further and mormon religion means that we are well-advised to hold back a bit more in ww2, our enthusiasms as to who he really is. That was it.

They are what they do . Which strikes me as wise and as good a definition for the communist revolutionary movement in china to gain measuring an athlete as we have. We do not, after all, have to winston buy the define, goods they flack for, the winston churchill, sneakers, and the soft drinks, the sunglasses, the telephone services. We do not have to hold them up to our children as role models. We are free to tell our children that John Lewis, the heroic Georgia congressman, or my friend Ron Ridenour, the grunt who blew the whistle on interactionism, My Lai who died a few years ago, are better role models than any athlete. But if they are what they do is the test, then Iverson passes it handsomely this year. In a nation where too many people have what is now called attitude without talent, or attitude without passion, he has, it seems to me, all three, and ironically the more passion he displays, miraculously the less attitude we see -- as if he has forgotten that in addition to playing so hard he also has to stick his finger in the world's eye. So, that is why I have come to admire Iverson so much this season. Having come perilously close to being exiled to winston churchill Detroit (and being saved only by Matt Geiger's refusal to go along), he has shaped up. All the talent and all the passion have finally been fused to quotes something larger -- team. He has gotten along with his coach. He no longer sulks when he comes out of games.

He is no longer late to practice. He has not only made his teammates better, the prime test of winston speech any basketball player, but the what to gain strength, ferocity and intensity of his game has been infectious, and his teammates seem to me to have become an extension of him. Everyone on winston ww2, that team plays hard, and they play hard all the time. Statement For An In Electrical Engineering Essay? You cannot put the Sixers away. If the Lakers, early in the fourth quarter make a major run of speech ww2 10 or 12 points, enough for most teams to be a dagger in the heart, the Sixers are immune. They are not intimidated. Back they come.

They never think they are going out of a game. Much of this, I think, comes from the psyche of Iverson. He seems to mormon religion me to be lionhearted. He is supremely talented as well. He has not just played hurt, he has played very hurt. So have his teammates. He has been the invincible man, refusing again and again, when faced with opponents who have superior ability, to lose. He has driven himself and his teammates to ww2 a level where they normally would not be. He has helped take a team that is, in a technical sense, not necessarily that talented, and not only lifted it to the Finals, but he has made it competitive with an L.A. team that appeared ready to roll over edward rochester it just as it had rolled over everyone else lately. He has given us a competitive Finals.

That's worth admiring. Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Halberstam, who has written 12 bestsellers, including Playing for churchill ww2 Keeps: Michael Jordan and rochester quotes the World He Made, The Best and the Brightest, The Powers That Be, The Reckoning and Summer of '49, writes a bi-weekly column for Page 2. Allen Iverson has made a believer out of Pulitzer Prize winning author David Halberstam.

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Cemetery Travel: Your Take-along Guide to Graves Graveyards Around the World. Modern postcard of Leninís Mausoleum. by Melodie Bolt. In January 1988, I stood in Red Square with thirty American college students watching Leninís Honor Guard change. The replacement soldiers exited the Kremlin gate and winston speech, moved parallel to the Kremlin wall. The duo marched in long wool military coats, black boots goose stepping. But what seemed inconceivable was the position of their rifles: gripped in the left palm, with a steady aim at heaven. With boots tocking across the stone, the pair relieved the guards on duty to keep the watch.

Vladimir Ilyitch Leninís mausoleum is a squat ziggurat constructed from black stone and red marble. What Caused In China To Gain. He died in 1924 at winston speech ww2, the age of 53 and caused revolutionary movement, was embalmed shortly thereafter. Thousands have visited the ww2, Bolshevik leader to pay their respects. A few days after watching the guards, we returned to see Lenin ourselves. One of mormon religion, our professors, a Hungarian, told us the churchill speech, rumor that the rochester quotes, only ďoriginalĒ pieces on Leninís body were the head and ww2, hands, preserved, while the Statement of Purpose M.S. in Electrical Engineering, rest had been buried or burned. It sounded grisly. Since we were in our late teens and early twenties, such things only excited our curiosity.

Giggling as we piled off the winston, tour bus, we filled the air with American smiles, hard currency, Marlboros, and Leviís. Our bright Gore-Tex jackets added confettied splashes to the solemn scene. The line for the presentation of the dead wound downóa black ribbonófrom the mausoleum. We joined the queue in the Alexander Garden. The garden, commissioned by Tsar Alexander I, was built long before the Bolshevik Revolution to edward quotes, celebrate Russiaís defeat of Napoleon. The garden later became a pivotal scene in Mikhail Bulgakovís novel Master and Margarita . The story, set in the 1930s, follows the churchill speech, havoc created by the Devil and his minions in interactionism, Moscow.

Interwoven with the Devilís arc is the story of winston, Pontius Pilate and the trial and execution of Therapy, Jesus. It is in Alexander Garden that the Devilís demonic assassin, Azazello, meets Margarita and pulls her from Communist reality to the supernatural (Christian) sphere. Bulgakovís writings and winston churchill, plays were banned by Communist censorship. He died in 1940. Master and Margarita remained unpublished until 1966. How ironic that our pilgrimage to interactionism, the mausoleum started in the same garden created by winston churchill speech ww2 a Tsar and the location where a demon from Christian mythology takes a Soviet woman to Satanís Ball. Lenin, a devout atheist, despised religion and firmly believed in Assisted in Hospitals Essay, Karl Marxís assertion that it was opium for the people. Standing there in January, the same month that Lenin died, I watched St.

Basilís draw nearer as the winston churchill speech, line moved toward the mormon religion, mausoleumís entrance. Our professor admonished us to winston speech ww2, enter two-by-two, to be respectful, and for Godís sake, to be silent. Define Interactionism. It was bitter cold. For all the winston churchill ww2, people in mormon religion, line, it was exceptionally quiet. The girl walking with me wore a beret reminiscent of the one that Prince sang about in 1985. Not quite raspberry, its lavender sequins glittered atop her golden curls. My partner and I settled into winston, a respectful demeanor until the student behind us cracked some juvenile joke. We snickered, at got hissed at by the professors and the older, more mature students, and tried to compose ourselves again. As I stood in front of the oppressive architecture, I began to panic. My thoughts raced.

Lenin died at 53. When I entered the define interactionism, mausoleum, he had been embalmed for 64 years. Churchill Speech Ww2. How decayed would the body be? Would it be evident that the head and hands had been severed from the body? How far would the labyrinth would go until I could leave?

I felt claustrophobic. I wondered if the what the communist in china to gain strength, room would be brimming with lilies. I hated that rich funereal smell. The line kept moving. There was no time to winston speech, prepare. Of Purpose For An M.S. Engineering Example. I entered and winston churchill ww2, Lenin was right there. Mormon Religion. The line moved continuously with no time for genuflection, no real time to study the body. There was only the red and black stone, the shuffle of boots on the floor, and churchill speech, the body. They call it lying in Statement of Purpose in Electrical example, state. Glass walls enclosed a dias. The coffin looked more like a canopied bed with the body angled so his head raised a little higher.

Great ruffled black satin, looking almost Victorian, draped over his legs and spilled toward the floor. The canopy top was a replica of the mausoleumís ziggurat design, but made of wood. Churchill Ww2. He wore a black suit. His hands rested near his waist, one clenched in a fist, the other open, palm down. His face looked as though he were sleeping, more waxen than the freshly dead. His hair and auteurism definition, goatee were exactly the same as the black and white images in our history books, but the tinge of copper surprised me. Winston Ww2. Lashes rested against his skin; face calm, serene.

There was no time to look closer, to stand in rochester quotes, awe. The line kept pushing me forward. As I serpentined around his feet and back up the ww2, other side of his body, I caught the Animal Assisted Therapy in Hospitals, faces of the Russians in front of churchill, me observing his supine form; their dark eyes unreadable in Therapy in Hospitals and Institutions, the dim light. I turned back for one last glance. So much power, so much fire in his rhetoric to spawn a world power to be reckoned with.

Suddenly, I was back outside, breathing the refreshing January air that moments ago had seemed so bitterly cold. Spilling into Red Square, our voices were subdued, including the joker behind me. It wasnít until I began writing my essay that I looked online for speech, more information regarding Leninís mausoleum. You can easily find images of his body online, both from inside the mausoleum and during the embalming process. I have to auteurism, admit that seeing the graphic images him disrobed have cheapened my memory. The frail, naked body with the great gash doesnít seem to honor that moment in time, Soviet power and winston, Soviet history as perceived by an outsider. There was so much mystery to Moscow and M.S. Engineering example, the Communists. Here are some interesting facts I discovered while writing this:

Turns out that the body is Leninís without his organs and winston churchill speech, brain. Edward. The brain is preserved elsewhere. The corpse is frequently re-embalmed to keep discoloration from the winston ww2, skin. Leninís body was removed from Moscow to protect it during WWII and then returned later. Define Interactionism. Stalinís body was also on display next to Leninís until it was removed when the Soviet Union began the de-Stalinalization process. In 1993, Yeltsin removed the Honor Guard from Leninís tomb, but it remains today at the eternal flame honoring the winston ww2, military dead near the mausoleum. You can find youtube videos featuring the guards. The embalming process is top secret and other heads of state from Engineering Essay example other countries have been embalmed by churchill speech the Moscow team. Interactionism. Recently, a Russian movement has urged the winston speech, government to have Lenin buried. Perhaps Lenin, being an atheist, wouldnít mind his body being handled by scientists honing their embalming skills with images available online for any curious eyes. Perhaps science is the truest end for the man who started the greatest revolution by mormon religion promising power, not heavenly rewards, to the people.

Leninís Mausoleum was a Cemetery of the speech, Week on CemeteryTravel. Melodie Bolt writes poetry and contemporary fantasy dark fiction. She earned an define interactionism, MFA in Writing from Pacific University in Portland, Oregon and an MA in Composition Rhetoric from University of Michigan Flint. Her poetry has appeared in magazines like TOTU , Verse Wisconsin , and Yellow Medicine Review . Her fiction has been recently published in the anthologies Incarceration (Wolfsinger Publications, 2017), Hoofbeats: Flying with Magical Horses (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2016), and the magazine WitchesPagans #31, 2015). She is winston speech currently working on a dark fiction novel set in Flint, Michigan. Melodie has been a member of the Flint Area Writers for over a decade and for an M.S. Engineering, frequently contributes to the blog at . Winston. You can also find more of her work here. About the edward rochester, Deathís Garden project: I am jump-starting the Deathís Garden project again. If there is a cemetery that has touched your life, please get in touch. Churchill Ww2. I would love to hear from you, particularly if there is one you visited on vacation ó or if you got married in one. Rochester. The submissions guidelines are here.

Deathís Garden: Never Let Your Feet Get Cold. Carrie with Granduncle Blick and cousin Tim on the Property. by Carrie Sessarego. Tucked in the folds of the foothills of the churchill ww2, Sierra Nevadas, near the entrance to Sequoia National Park, thereís a tiny town called Three Rivers, California. My family always went to Three Rivers in the spring or summer, so in my memory itís always a place of pale green grass rapidly drying to gold and wildflowers everywhere. For generations, Burnhams and Wells and what caused in china to gain, Hardins and McGowans had married each other, giving rise to a far-travelling family that was anchored by the tiny cemetery in the tiny town. Our family reunions were held on a piece of property named, without irony, ďThe Property.Ē People circled their RVs and speech ww2, tents in a meadow bordered by soft woods.

Every night we had a campfire and sang songs like ďCharlie and auteurism, the M.T.A.Ē and ďShine on, Harvest Moon.Ē At least once per reunion, we visited our kin at the Three Rivers Cemetery, which was founded in 1909. Winston Ww2. Parts of the cemetery are watered and mowed, but the older areas are wild. For An M.S. In Electrical Engineering. As a child, I saw the cemetery as an extension of The Property. That made it my territory; a place where I could run and play on the mowed lawns and the weedy edges of the cemetery, while the grown-ups did whatever it is that grown-ups do. The first funeral I remember going to churchill ww2, was that of my aunt (technically, my grandaunt-in-law), who gloried in the name Ruth Vernealia Pell Wells. Ruth and her husband, Blick Wells, had a motorhome and travelled all over define interactionism the country. One Christmas they parked in my grandparentsí driveway for the holidays.

My only winston churchill speech ww2, memory of Ruth is from that year, when Ruth invited me in and taught me how to make an Ojo de Dios Christmas ornament. Soon after, she died of mormon religion, cancer and was cremated. As per winston ww2, her request, her ashes were buried at Three Rivers Cemetery in a Tasterís Choice coffee can, tied with an orange strip of fabric. (It was her favorite color.) Afterwards we all went back to The Property and had another bonfire and sang late into the night. Itís hard to be reverent in interactionism, the face of death once youíve watched your grandaunt be buried in a coffee can. I never felt afraid at Three Rivers Cemetery. How could I? Any ghosts were ghosts of my relatives. The worst they might do to churchill, me was tease me about that time when I was ten that I sat on an antís nest during a reunion. Auteurism Definition. Thereís my great-grandpa, who showed me where the harebells grew on The Property.

Thereís Aunt Linnie (technically, Great-aunt Linnie) who survived a terrible car crash as a teenager and, as a result of winston churchill speech, her burns, only had one fingernail. Thereís Fred and Blanche Burnham, who lived in Rhodesia and taught Lord Baden-Powell how to define interactionism, be a scout before heading off to the Klondike Gold Rush. Thereís Mark, the teenager who died in the same car crash that claimed Linnieís fingernails, and poor little Baby Hardin, born and winston churchill ww2, died in 1923. The last time I went to Three Rivers Cemetery, it was to bury the Statement of Purpose, ashes of speech, my granduncle, Blick Wells. Blick, a rambling man who had a girlfriend outside of Anchorage, took me under his wing when I moved to Alaska.

He showed me affection and edward rochester, acceptance and gave great advice. ďMy dear,Ē he said, ďnever let your feet get cold.Ē When it came time to bury him, my husband and I drove four hours from Sacramento for the funeral. Churchill Ww2. We had just gotten a dog. Auteurism. We brought him with us and tied him under an oak during the service. My three-year-old daughter ran around the cemetery just as I had once.

The grasses around the cemetery were dry and churchill ww2, golden in the California heat. No oneís feet could possibly get cold under that California sun. Auteurism Definition. My husband helped Blickís son (called, inevitably, ĎBlickyí by the family) cover the ashes with dirt. Since then, The Property has been sold and the latest relatives to pass on have been buried elsewhere. The Sacramento relatives are generally buried at ww2, East Lawn Memorial Park in Sacramento. Itís a pretty place, and itís convenient to Statement of Purpose M.S. in Electrical Engineering Essay example, the mourners, but itís much too manicured for churchill speech ww2, me. My tentative plan is to donate my body to science and for an M.S. in Electrical Engineering, have any leftover ashes lowered into winston churchill speech, the Three Rivers Cemetery ground in an Equal Exchange Hot Cocoa can. Iím hoping that someone will bring a dog, someone will bring a small child who will run around the oak trees, and someone will remember all the verses to ďCharlie and the M.T.A.Ē The mountains that edge Three Rivers will stand guard and rochester, harelips will bloom on their hillsides. Thatís not scary. Thatís family.

Carrie Sessarego is the resident Ďgeek reviewerí for Smart Bitches, Trashy Books , where she wrangles science fiction, fantasy romance, comics, movies, and nonfiction. Carrieís first book, Pride, Prejudice, and winston churchill speech ww2, Popcorn: TV and Film Adaptations of Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, and Jane Eyre , was released in 2014 . Auteurism. Her work has been published in SEARCH Magazine , Interfictions Online, After the winston churchill, Avengers, The WisCon Chronicles Vol. What The Communist Movement In China To Gain Strength. 9, Google Play Editorial, Invisible 3 , and Speculative Fiction 2013: The Yearís Best Online Reviews, Essays, And Commentary. When not reading and writing, you can find Carrie speaking at conventions, volunteering for the Sacramento Public Library, and getting into trouble with her mad scientist husband, Potterhead daughter, mysterious cats, and speech, neurotic dog. About the Deathís Garden project: I am jump-starting the edward rochester, Deathís Garden project again. If there is winston churchill ww2 a cemetery that has touched your life, please get in touch. I would love to hear from you, particularly if there is one you visited on auteurism definition, vacation ó or if you got married in one. The submissions guidelines are here. 199 Cemeteries to See Before You Die. Itís been forever since I wrote an honest blog post.

Thatís because in September I was approached by a big New York publisher. They asked if I might be interested in writing a cemetery travel book for them. I said Iíd been thinking of winston churchill speech ww2, something along the lines of ď99 Cemeteries to define, See Before You Die.Ē The editor laughed. Theyíd just been playing with that title in winston churchill, their marketing meeting. After meeting a little more, they decided that 99 cemeteries werenít enough. I wrote up an annotated table of contents in November. They were excited about how comprehensive it was.

I went into research mode. I finished the first draft in mid-January. It was about of Purpose M.S. in Electrical example twice the length it needed to be. Iíve done two more drafts since, chopping it down, and churchill, turned it in yesterday. Iím really excited about this book.

I learned a huge amount in the writing of it. The page designs Iíve seen were really lovely. To be honest, I think I shouldíve had 250 cemeteries ó or maybe 500, because even 199 meant I had to leave things out. Definition. But the deadline was very short, because the winston churchill speech, book is coming out this October. Maybe if this one sells well, I can do a sequel. In the meantime, I need to clean up my desk, put my books back on the shelves, file away the research, clear out my emails, and prepare to get the editorís notes so this bad boy can go to the printers. Itís not over yet.

I havenít taken a day off since Christmas Day. Mormon Religion. I havenít seen my friends in months. Churchill Speech. Iím really proud of the Animal in Hospitals and Institutions Essay, work Iíve done, but it was hard to remain so focused for winston churchill speech, so long. Quotes. I may wander down to Cypress Lawn today, get some sun, and listen to the birds sing. Itís time to put more living in winston churchill speech ww2, my work/life balance. If youíd like to preorder an amazing book about the 199 Cemeteries You Should See Before You Die, itís up on Amazon at a good discount: Photo by rochester Loren Rhoads.

Mourner in Cypress Lawn. by Tanya Monier. Itís spring break of my senior year of high school and, for the second time, I am at the end of my pilgrimage. Mom let me drive down here after I swore Iíd get back in time for Easter Mass and not try to skip out by speech complaining I was tired. Rochester. Iím staying at Sarahís ó sheís a friend who moved to churchill speech, Irvine when we were 12 ó and she drove me here today.

She remembered how to get here from a year and a half ago. Ocean View. The first time Jessica told me that Michelle was at Ocean View, I thought it sounded like a suburban apartment complex. I asked her to repeat herself. Stupid name for a cemetery, but here we are on prime oceanfront real estate, looking down at the hazy blue Pacific. Mormon Religion. We the living, of winston churchill speech, course. The ones whose families paid so much money to put them to rest here canít see a fucking thing any more. From up here, I can see a few skateboarders, pinwheels someone stuck into the ground, and some people who look like theyíre having a picnic. The land is unbelievably smooth: thick, plush, well-tended grass.

Iím almost surprised that I donít see golfers. This place is big. Really big. The first time we came here, Sarah and I got lost, despite the map we picked up at the office. Engineering Essay. We parked the car in the right area, on ww2, Hillcrest Lane, but I couldnít find Michelle. I thought she was in the wall ó coffin high-rise, space-saver ó and I just about got frantic looking for Animal Therapy, her. When I found her grave, I dropped to the ground and started sobbing. Winston Churchill Ww2. I was so relieved. ďLoving daughter,Ē thatís all it says on the bronze plate in the ground, other than her name and the dates; I guess itís too expensive to get a good quote. Mormon Religion. I had Sarah get out of the car and take pictures of me looking at the grave. I took a couple of the bronze plate.

When I got back home, the others all wanted copies, because no one else could afford to get down here and see her for themselves. Winston. Relics: we were all pretty morbid back then. We kept any tangible objects connected to her that her mom didnít demand we return, even the little plastic dinosaurs she used to caused revolutionary in china to gain, collect. I got the comedy/tragedy hologram pendant she always used to wear. Iím wearing it today. Itís become my trademark. I hold on to it like a talisman during tests, because Michelle was brilliant. Michelle killed herself when I was fourteen and a half. She was eighteen.

It was a failed cry for help. The afternoon before her high school graduation, her mom found her dead on churchill speech, her bedroom floor. This was two hours after theyíd had a fight which ended with Michelle screaming, ďI wish I was dead!Ē Her mom just walked out of the caused the communist revolutionary movement in china strength, house. Asphyxiation: Michelle wrapped a pair of pantyhose twice around her neck, twice around each wrist, knelt on the floor, and pulled down until she passed out. Ww2. There werenít any knots in the nylons. Define. She just held the ends in her hands. She wasnít stupid: she knew that when she blacked out, her grip would relax.

Some time during the struggle to choke herself into unconsciousness, she must have shoved her fists under her ankles. When she passed out, she fell backward. Winston Churchill Ww2. The nylons stayed taut. The Adams Memorial, by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Photo by Loren Rhoads. I met Michelle through Jessica, a friend in ďThe Scene,Ē during one of our weekly trips to go dancing downtown.

We were all ďGothicsĒ or ďdeath rockersĒ with black hair, black clothes, black attitudes, and white skin (by natural or artificial means ó I had to Animal Assisted Therapy in Hospitals Essay, use a little white clown makeup as a base). Our theme was ďEvery Day is Halloween.Ē Michelle wasnít really part of The Scene, but she and Jessica had just started renting a place downtown, so we all went over there whenever we could. Everyone else would drop acid or snort crank, but Michelle and I would get drunk and sit in ww2, the corner, talking and rolling our eyes ironically at the others. She understood me. She even listened to me complain about my nonexistent love life. I never knew her stories until Jessica let me read Michelleís diaries on the way to the funeral.

The funeral was packed. I donít know what got into Statement for an M.S. in Electrical Engineering Essay example, Michelleís mom, but she wouldnít let Jessica play the tape sheíd made for the service. Michelleís mom only brought one song ó ďMichelleĒ by the Beatles ó which she had played over and over again. Fourteen times before the eulogy: I counted each time it started again. One of the girls with me had been frying the night before and churchill ww2, she was freaking out Therapy, so bad from that damned song that the others had to take her to the bathroom, where she threw up until she calmed down a little. Winston Churchill Speech Ww2. But we couldnít get them to define, stop playing it. I think it was a vindictive thing on her momís part.

That song used to winston churchill ww2, be a favorite. Three years later, I still canít stay in a room where itís played. I never realized how often they play it in department stores and edward rochester, dentist offices. I held Michelleís boyfriend Mark while we walked up to ww2, the open coffin. I had to force him to look at her, because he was trying to convince himself that she was alive, lying there. One look and rochester, you knew she wasnít. Whoever did her makeup obviously didnít know her. Winston. They had glued her eyelids and mouth shut. Edward Rochester. I could actually see the glue shining under her eyelashes. Her face looked collapsed, like a frogís.

What followed for me was predictable enough, I guess: the guilt of surviving, an almost accidental alcohol and downer overdose on speech ww2, the four-month anniversary of what caused revolutionary movement in china to gain, her death, months of counseling. First my parents took me to a hospital psychiatrist. Ww2. At our only meeting, he sang all of ďRocky RaccoonĒ to me ó more than three minutes ó just so he could point out the significance of the line ďIíll be better just as soon as I am able.Ē The original Angel of Grief, English Cemetery, Florence. Photo by Loren Rhoads. The counselor I stuck with, Michele (an ugly coincidence that almost kept me out of her office), helped me deal with the guilt. She laughed at my jokes like I was a real person, not a patient. Michele was also the first one to agree with me when I started saying that I wanted to see Michelleís grave.

I think she was kind of concerned, though. She told me about the Cult of Saints, some early Christian tradition of going on pilgrimages to visit the graves of saints and martyrs. The pilgrims thought that they could be healed by kissing the bones of the dead. Michele didnít want me to expect too much, I guess, but it didnít sound any different than my mom keeping holy water in the fridge for us to Animal Assisted in Hospitals and Institutions Essay, drink when we got sick. I donít know when, but at some point, love-of-life started to churchill speech ww2, outweigh fear-of-death as my reason for staying alive. I come to Michelle at Ocean View to thank her, to let her know that I never forget her. This time, I donít need to interactionism, go over the old stuff. I just tell her about stuff she missed, like the winston churchill, new Love and Rockets album. I tell her about Assisted Therapy Essay Adam, too, and winston churchill speech, my now-existent love life. I donít talk loud. I just kneel beside her and kind of mutter, just loud enough to get the vibrations into edward quotes, the air.

If the dead can hear, that should be enough. Thereís a hole at winston churchill ww2, the top of the bronze marker. I guess thatís how people get their flowers to stand up if they donít bring a vase. Interactionism. Flowers. I never brought flowers, never thought about it. Anyway, the hole at Michelleís place is empty. I reminds me of a periscope. I frighten myself by wondering how far Iíd have to dig my hand into the hole before Iíd touch the winston churchill speech, top of her casket. Finally, I look down the hole and see that itís a metal cylinder with a base, so I relax. I donít even have to think about mormon religion testing it for depth.

By now Iím leaning on my arms in the grass beside Michelle. I notice that there are a hell of a lot of ants running on her marker. Then I see something that will make me sick for a long time: a thick green worm hauling itself straight up out of the churchill ww2, grass. It stands up at of Purpose M.S., the base of the marker and churchill, waves a little, getting taller and taller until it gets top-heavy and mormon religion, curls like a fishhook. I know sheís down there, where it came from, and I think of what worms doÖ I want to make sure they burn me, donít dare put me down there like her. I canít touch the worm or knock it away. Winston Churchill Speech Ww2. I just jump up to revolutionary to gain strength, go.

Sarahís still waiting in the car. This essay originally appeared in the original volume of Deathís Garden: Relationships with Cemeteries . Tanya Monier is a teacher, a storyteller, a blogger ( a crafter, a mother, a wifeÖnot necessarily in that order. All her tattoos are on the inside. About the Deathís Garden project: I am getting ready to finish the Deathís Garden project. If there is a cemetery that has touched your life, please get in touch SOON. I would love to hear from you, particularly if there is one you visited on vacation ó or if you got married in ww2, one.

The submissions guidelines are here. by Loren Rhoads. Holding hands inside my coat pocket, Mason and I strolled through the Marais district and the communist in china, enjoyed the watery yellow sunshine. Paris in January was cold. Winston Churchill Speech. We paused beside a worn brick wall to read the plaque bolted there. Struggling with my imperfect French, I translated the plaque as saying the pockmarks on definition, the wall were bullet holes, left behind when the Nazis shot martyrs. Our guidebook added that the speech ww2, Nazis and Vichy French dragged 75,000 Jews down this same street on their way to concentration camps. I was 28 and had no reference for what had happened there, other than a trace of World History in Assisted and Institutions Essay, high school. Jews had seemed exotic in the small Michigan farming community where I grew up. Winston Churchill. Until I met Mason, I didnít know anyone who wasnít, in some vague way, Christian. Mason endured his Bar Mitzvah to placate his grandmother.

That same grandmother still refused to mormon religion, allow anything of Japanese or German manufacture into winston churchill speech, her home. Sheíd disowned Mason for marrying me ó without ever meeting me ó even though Iíd offered to convert. My blood wasnít Jewish, so our children would not be Jewish. That mattered to her more than her relationship to her only mormon religion, grandson. Being ostracized was hard for churchill ww2, me to understand, harder still to accept. I would never be one of them. Love could not transform me. It amazed me that Mason loved me enough to cause a rift in his family. Afterward, to my disappointment, I found that prejudice ran both ways. My Presbyterian mother said that she didnít care that I was marrying a Jew, but she would have preferred that he at least practiced his religion.

My Baptist grandmother sniffed, ďAt least he isnít Black,Ē but raised no objections at the wedding. Iíd grown up so sheltered; I hadnít seen the edward rochester quotes, prejudice in my own family. Visiting Europe for the first time opened my eyes to the scope of bigotry against the Jews. Rue des Rosiers, the street we strolled, had served as the main artery of the historic Jewish quarter of Paris. The quarter had been created in the thirteenth century when King Phillipe Auguste ďinvitedĒ the Jewish merchants living in front of Notre-Dame to move outside the newly built city wall. Winston Speech. The name Rosiers referred to the rosebushes that grew against the outside of the wall. I admired people who found beauty, despite their exile from the safety of the city. After some consultation of the map, Mason led us to Jo Goldenbergís deli.

Paris Access reported that on August 9, 1982, masked gunmen threw a grenade into the deli, then opened fire as people fled. They injured twenty-two customers and killed six. The PLO took credit for the murders. The gunmen remain unknown. While we were in Paris, the Statement for an Essay, First Gulf War tore apart Iraq. Throughout Paris, armed soldiers guarded the national treasures.

Mason and ww2, I read the mormon religion, Herald Tribune each day, dreading the news that Iraq had unleashed germ warfare against winston churchill speech ww2, Israel. Half-convinced that Jews and those who loved them were safe nowhere, I feared entering the deli. Added to that, Iíd only auteurism, been in one deli in my life: Zingermanís in Ann Arbor, which my mother-in-law proclaimed was as good as those sheíd grown up with in Brooklyn. Churchill Speech. In big, dark Zingermanís, Iíd kept to Animal Assisted Therapy in Hospitals and Institutions, familiar foods like egg salad. I daringly ordered it on winston churchill ww2, pumpernickel, which Iíd confused with rye bread. Auteurism. In my defense, Iíd had a purely white bread childhood. While I explored knishes and winston, hamentashen and Animal Assisted and Institutions Essay, Doctor Brownís cream soda at Zingermanís, I remained a Presbyterian-raised girl only a couple of years off the churchill ww2, farm. I didnít know corned beef from pastrami. I just thought I didnít like it.

Goldenbergís deli was huge and bright inside. The people behind the counter bustled around in spotless white aprons. Their middle-aged patrons filled string shopping bags with packages handed over the counter wrapped in white paper. Mason and I nudged each other forward. He wanted me to order, in my fractured French. I wanted him to do it, because I felt like such an outsider. While he negotiated with the counterman, I wandered around the fringes of the salesroom, looking over the merchandise. Edward Rochester Quotes. I didnít recognize most of it. What was matzo, or gefilte fish? Nothing had prices that I could see.

I chose a bottle of wine that I hoped would be both inexpensive and speech ww2, palatable, a vin table rouge. I slipped it onto the counter as Mason got ready to pay. ďYou want this too?Ē the man behind the counter asked in Animal, English. I nodded, too shy to churchill speech ww2, speak. Mason and I stopped to eat in the little park behind Notre-Dame. We huddled together on a green bench. Edward. The buttery orange late afternoon sunlight gave little warmth. It flared from the stained glass windows of the great cathedral. Nearby stood the Deportation Memorial, which honors the 200,000 French men and women of all races and religions murdered by the Nazis in World War II. One wall of the memorial is starred with 200,000 backlit crystals: one burning for each life snuffed out.

Visiting the memorial the previous day had been the winston speech ww2, first time Iíd encountered the command to ďForgive, but never forget.Ē How could you forgive? How could you live without forgiving? Mason unwrapped the sandwich and handed half to Statement for an in Electrical Engineering Essay, me. The pastrami piled so high I couldnít open my mouth wide enough to bite it. Instead, I contented myself with nibbling. The pastrami had a marvelous metallic tang beneath its mouthwateringly salty flavor. Winston Churchill Speech. The caraway seeds in the rye bread burst between my teeth. I laid my head against Masonís shoulder and swooned, chewing with eyes closed in order to Animal and Institutions, savor. Iíd never had a sandwich so delicious. We ate until we were thirsty, but Mason wasnít comfortable swigging from the winston, bottle of wine in the park.

We decided to cross the Petit Pont back to our hotel in the Latin Quarter. The Hotel Esmeralda dates from 1640. Huge yellow boulders, mortared together, formed the mormon religion, outside walls. We laughed that such a place would never survive an earthquake. A single steep, narrow stairway wound up from the lobby to the warren of rooms. We saw no such thing as a smoke detector or a fire escape. We found the place charming. In our little room, Iíd been reading The Hunchback of winston speech ww2, Notre-Dame . Iíd read the book as a child, but it came so much more alive for me now, in Animal Assisted Therapy Essay, a hotel named for the Gypsy dancing girl across the river from the cathedral. Still, Iíd had to put the book down in a moment of winston churchill speech ww2, horror when I reached the crones gossiping over the Foundlingís Bed.

On viewing the child Quasimodo, one of the women said, ďI should guess that itís a beast, an animal ó the offspring of what caused the communist revolutionary movement in china to gain strength, a Jew and a sow ó something, at any rate, which is not Christian.Ē My God, I thought. How could people have said such a thing, and meant it? I know that fiction does not equal reality, but twentieth-century bigotry had been so much worse than Victor Hugo could have imagined. That frosty January evening, our small steam-heated room remained chilly. Mason and I snuggled together in our clothes on winston churchill speech, the soft bed, pulling the blankets up over define our knees. We each drank deeply from the bottle of wine, which turned out to be the perfect complement to the sandwich: rich and thick and slightly sweet. It chased the robust flavors of winston churchill speech ww2, pastrami on rye across my tongue and touched a flush to my cheeks.

We rested the mormon religion, wine bottle on the rickety nightstand and held the remainders of the sandwich carefully, so that pastrami did not slip between our fingers. I thought I was in heaven, even before Mason produced dessert. Generally, I donít like cheesecake. Mason regarded this, with amused resignation, as a character flaw. I agreed to sample a bite of winston speech, this cheesecake, only a bite, when he held it toward me on Assisted Therapy in Hospitals Essay, his fork. Jo Goldenbergís was like no other cheesecake Iíd ever sampled. It melted inside my mouth, exquisitely sweet and creamy.

It tasted not too rich, not at all cloying. The texture was just dense enough to winston, be solid, but not gummy like the cheesecake my mom made from a box. The subtle aftertaste of lemon lingered on my tongue. I found it impossible not to watch as the fork traveled from the dwindling slice in the small white box to Masonís mouth. He laughed and fed me the final bite. And then I was in heaven: safe in edward rochester, the arms of the man I loved, cozy and sated in an old hotel in Paris, tasting the trace of sweetness on my husbandís lips. ďPastrami in winston speech ww2, ParisĒ was originally published on Trip Lit in interactionism, January 2003. It was reprinted in 2014 as part of All You Need is Morbid on churchill speech ww2, Wattpad. About the Deathís Garden project:

I am getting ready to finish the Deathís Garden project. If there is a cemetery that has touched your life, please get in touch SOON. Animal Therapy In Hospitals And Institutions Essay. I would love to hear from you, particularly if there is one you visited on vacation ó or if you got married in one. The submissions guidelines are here.

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essay on uniqueness Dear reader, my name is Luis Miguel Goitizolo. In this page I present an article inspired in my book The Wheel of winston churchill speech ww2, Time - A Study in the Doctrine. of Cosmic Cycles and in other, similar interests. The Uniqueness of Earth.

O ver the edward quotes, last few centuries, as the winston churchill speech, Ptolemaic geocentric model became obsolete, we have grown accustomed to of Purpose for an Engineering regarding the Earth as a smallish, common planet orbiting our sun, in the same way that other innumerable planets orbit other countless suns, which likewise orbit the center of the Milky Way. Gone are the winston speech, days when our planet was believed to mormon religion be the center of the universe and all other countless planets a mere cohort which, circling in an orderly cosmic dance, revolved around it. Earth from Space. (from Earth and Moon Viewer. In order to keep it simple, I will ignore the possibility of other countless universes orbiting the center of something inconceivably big which, following the ancient Greeks, we may call ďcosmosĒ Ė which, in speech, fact, means order. I will overlook as well all beliefs by define interactionism, extant groups that the Earth is the center of the universe as per the Ptolemaic geocentric model, and will instead present my own case for its uniqueness.

In one way at least, the Earth may be regarded as central: that of its essentiality for the countless lives that it hosts and nurtures. In some other ways, many native peoples still regard the Earth as the center of the universe. Churchill Ww2. Both in the Old and Assisted and Institutions the New World, they adhere to winston their ancestorsí believe that the whole universe revolves around it Ė or more precisely around its axis, which traverses the Animal in Hospitals and Institutions, Earth through the poles and constitutes its center and, and the same time, the center of the universe; for in an unexplained, mysterious way, it traverses in succession all the other countless worlds Ė as pearls strung on a thread Ė constituting that which the ancients used to call the churchill ww2, ďchain of worlds.Ē From The Incredible Design of the Earth and Our Solar System. by Richard Deem) So the idea of a central axis around which the cosmos revolves should not be taken in what caused the communist to gain, the astronomical sense only, but also to express the interlinkage among all cosmic levels and orders from the ww2, infinite universe to an atom, and from the whole cosmos to man.

And here, with man as a reflection of the universe, we are touching the metaphysical area. Says Nicholas of Cusa (1401-64): ďGod is a sphere whose circumference is nowhere and whose center is everywhereÖĒ and in all of the ancientsí thought, God, though a separate entity Himself, is the universe and the whole cosmos and everything Ė including us. In the interactionism, ancientsí view, the center of the world is actually wherever God Ė or any of his infinite attributes Ė is at any given moment. The Ark of the Covenant was for the old Israelites where God Himself dwelt, as He communicated with Moses ďfrom between the two cherubimĒ on the Ark ís cover. (Exodus 25:22) So wherever the Ark of the Covenant was carried by the priests, the center of the world moved with it. When the Buddha attained Nirvana, he is said to have been celebrated by a host of gods, goddesses and ww2 heavenly musicians who, like guests at a gala theatre, descended in define interactionism, their vimanas to witness the drama of his Enlightenment Ė the implication being that the center of the universe was, at that transcendental cosmic juncture, there and then because of him. According to Buddhism, moreover, whenever we attain Nirvana, we ourselves are individually immersed in churchill, the very center of the cosmos. Mormon Religion. So wherever we may be at that moment, then and there we are the winston speech, center of the universe. Buddha tempted by Mara and other demons before attaining Enlightenment. under the rochester, Boddi Tree (a representation of the world axis) (From ď The Live of Shakyamuni Buddha Ē If for the western world there is an instance of a circumstantial center of the universe as emblematic as the winston churchill, one I have just described, it is certainly that of Jesus Christ turning down Satanís offering of riches and power after his forty day-and forty night long fasting in the wilderness had ended. Indeed, I cannot think of a better example of a momentous cosmic juncture than such earth-shattering confrontation culminating in the Tempterís defeat, with angels showing up and Animal Assisted Therapy in Hospitals ministering the Savior as an aftermath.

Of course, not all instances of a center are just as circumstantial. At the root of all major traditions are portentous examples of concrete centers, and among them perhaps the most emblematic, together with the Garden of Eden of the Judeo-Christian tradition, is the one occupied by the paradise of Brahma, located at the beginning of the Satya-Yuga Ė the Golden Age of Hinduism Ė at the top of Mount Meru, which more or less is for the Hindus what Mount Olympus was for winston speech, the ancient Greeks. Located in mormon religion, turn, according to sacred texts, in the North Pole, which at ww2 the same time is the center of the Earth, the Milky Way and the whole universe, Mount Meru is actually the world axis. And here too we find the arcane belief that when a Hindu devotee is reciting his mantras by for an Engineering, passing the 108 beads of his mala , or rosary, between his fingers, he is not only re-creating the cosmic manifestation and the ďchain of worlds,Ē but he himself is at that moment the world axis and the center of the universe. The Earth of the Hindus (or more exactly its upper hemisphere) with the winston, paradise of Brahma atop of Mount Meru , which raises its head to. the highest heavens (From Paradise Found by William F. Warren.

More examples of this conception of a center Ė or navel Ė of the universe abound particularly in Taoism, Confucianism and mormon religion Islamism, where they are especially prominent. They are also remarkable in the majority of the European traditions, from churchill ww2 Asgard of the Nordic peoples to the ideal Arcadia and the Hyperboreas of the old Greeks Ė this one located, like the edward rochester, paradise of winston speech ww2, Brahma, in the North Pole. And they are as well emblematic of the rochester, great native cultures of the American continent, like the Inca, with its great capital Cuzco regarded as the winston churchill speech ww2, navel of the world, and the Maya and Aztec civilizations where Aztlan, obviously the New World version of Platoís immortal Atlantis, is notorious. In fact, it would take a whole volume to mormon religion just begin reviewing them. The Scandinavian tree of winston churchill speech, life ( Yggdrasil ) growing on the cosmic mountain . The pillar, mountain, or tree forming the world axis links our own.

'middle earth' with the upper and lower worlds. (Image in 'The Ash Yggdrasil' (1886) by Friedrich Wilhelm Heine, Were these conceptions of the world center, both circumstantial and concrete, mere attempts by traditional societies to affirm or exaggerate their own importance? Or can they be explained by the fact that oneís home is the original center of oneís known universe, from which one may venture in any of the four cardinal directions, make discoveries, and establish new centers, as some psychologists contend? More simply: Were they the inventions of ignorant people? And going to the biggest picture, that of the Earth as the center of the universe: Is there any truth in all this? Can it really be said that all the stars, planets and comets, and mormon religion all other matter in the universe somehow revolve around the Earth Ė and ultimately around us?

In our current daily experience, backed by the weight of scientific evidence, it is the Earth, together with all the other planets of the winston churchill ww2, solar system, which orbits the Sun, and it is the whole solar system, comprising the mormon religion, Sun, the Earth and all the other planets, which orbit the winston churchill speech, center of the edward rochester, Milky Way, etcetera. However, there is something called ďgeneral relativityĒ that says that it is churchill speech ww2 all the way round at the same time, so that the define, whole universe can be said to orbit our insignificant planet even if in order to do so, and at the same time orbit the winston speech, Sun, the other planets in the solar system find themselves forced to do some awkward somersaulting while they are retrogradeÖ And there is something else which, at least from the Assisted Therapy and Institutions, point of view of us humans, adds a lot of weight to this relativity. It is the winston churchill speech, Earthís uniqueness. Also in our current experience, the gravitational influence of the auteurism definition, Earth slows down the Moonís rotation, in speech ww2, the same way that the much smaller gravitational influence of the Moon creates the Earthís tides and other interesting cycles, both on a daily and on an approximately monthly basis, and affecting humans, animals and plants alike. A view of the definition, Earth with the Sun behind taken from the Moon. (From ďOur Sun, Moon and the Hoary 108Ē This incredible coincidence would be actually no wonder, were it not for the fact that it makes the Sun and Moon appear to winston churchill speech ww2 a human observer as if they are the same size. And there is the additional fact that this number 108, which among other things is most sacred among Hindus and Buddhists, multiplied by certain factors produces interesting magnitudes which particularly involve the great cosmic cycles and ages.

The old Tibetan diagram above combines the mormon religion, 9 heavenly bodies with the 12 houses of the Zodiac (9 x 12 = 108). The tortoise is a well-known symbolic representation of the Earth in all Eastern traditions (From Ken Holmes and Tibetan Buddhism at Most important among these magnitudes is the length of the cycle of precession of the equinoxes, traditionally calculated as 25,920 common years (108 x 240), and the period of time required for the Earthís axis projection to describe, responding to the motions of rotation and wobbling of the planet while orbiting the Sun, a full circle and return to its exact point of departure so that the equinoctial point, one of the two times of the year in churchill ww2, which the night and the day are of identical length, turns out to be the edward quotes, same as it was at the beginning of the period. So it is this cycle of winston churchill ww2, precession of the equinoxes, and edward the seasonal variations it creates, which ultimately facilitated the development of speech, agriculture over the years and centuries. This explains the importance it had for the ancient priestly castes Ė not to mormon religion mention its gravitation in the development of astronomy Ė who would make it a point of predicting the exact yearly dates of both the solstices and churchill equinoxes. Beyond the yearly cycle, that which makes the edward quotes, precession of the equinoxes particularly important as a trigger of the human phenomenon in our planet is the fact that when one half of winston churchill speech ww2, it has elapsed, i.e. after 12,960 common years (108 x 120), the seasons become reversed. For example, 10,000 years ago, when the Earth was at its farthest from the Sun, in mormon religion, the northern hemisphere it was summer and not winter, as is today; and vice versa, when the winston churchill speech ww2, Earth was at its nearest from the Sun, in definition, the same hemisphere it was winter and not summer as today. The cycle of precession of the equinoxes. Over the past millennia, the cycle of precession of the equinoxes, acting coordinately with (1) the speech ww2, earthís eccentricity cycle, which is caused by the lengthening of its orbit around the sun, which in turn produces the ice ages in the course of mormon religion, approximately 90,000 Ė 100,000 years; and (2) the cycle of variation of the earth axisí tilt in the course of approximately 40,000 years, has been subjecting the Earth to speech ww2 a very complex astronomical pattern which has caused the ice fluctuations throughout the ages. Statement M.S. In Electrical. More precisely, it has played a crucial role in the economy and the cultural development of the present humanity.

For example, it is known that 40,000 Ė 50,000 years ago, when the southern hemisphere was the nearer one from the Sun and ice gravitated on the North, there emerged in certain areas of Central Asia tribes united by the need to face the prevailing hard geophysical conditions; and thirteen thousand years later, when the winston churchill speech ww2, northern and southern hemispheres had exchanged their positions before the auteurism definition, Sun, some tribes appeared in the southern hemisphere as well. Speech Ww2. Since then there would have been a slow, painful material progress of caused the communist, mankind toward the present-day civilization, which does not remember a thing about it, and whose decline and imminent disappearance are predicted in churchill ww2, turn by many scholars. The three great astronomical cycles (Archive) Do I need to add that in of Purpose M.S. in Electrical Essay example, times of profound, total global crisis as we are living now, and churchill speech as dreadful events follow each other in an unheard-of number but at an ever accelerating speed on the whole planet, ominous prophesies related to the end time stipulated in the Maya Calendar and prophesied by all of the world major religions and auteurism definition esoteric traditions begin at last to make sense? I am afraid this one question is not exactly far-fetched.

Back to ww2 the world axis and the center of the auteurism definition, universe, we find among the Hindu doctrines the notion that it is only from this planet that God and the supreme destination can be attained. That is, only those perfected humans who are at last born on this ďintermediateĒ planet Earth, after countless re-incarnations in both the heavenly and the hellish planets, and either as a reward or a punishment for their good or bad past actions, are entitled to winston ww2 reach God and his supreme abode in the highest heavens. For their part, the define interactionism, inhabitants of both the higher and the lower planets, angels and demons alike, must be reborn on this Earth and build enough merit before they can become again eligible for such supreme goal. As the third age or yuga was coming to an end and the fourth and worst age, the Age of Kali (which, in the descriptions from the Hindu scriptures, corresponds exactly to the Iron Age of the classical tradition) was about to start, virtuous beings from the higher and more advanced planets of the universe are said to have come to witness the churchill, agesí shift. They apparently were not so much interested in watching the definition, ominous signs, visible everywhere, of the incoming era, but rather in assessing how the Earth was likely to perform in the course of it Ė perhaps even help us see the churchill, end of it. And since they considered the Earthís position, according to auteurism what has just been mentioned, to winston speech be central with regard to the communist to gain the possibilities of promotion to the supreme destination, their interest was quite understandable. Even in the light of winston speech, all the above information, I am afraid this time that the following few highly speculative questions will seem a little bit crazy Ė if not totally mind-boggling Ė to many.

For example, can it be that the define interactionism, Earth is at speech ww2 this moment the center of the universe because of the reasons expounded and of the unprecedented situation it is in with regard to its own survival? Note that the auteurism definition, Earthís survival is at the same time our own survival and that of the other life it nurtures and fosters, a fact that is at the root of that great ancient notion of it as a huge living organism we are all a part of. Common to all of the worldís traditional cultures, this awesome conception allows one to think of the Earth as a unique and irreplaceable mother for us, human beings, and for a vast majority of the animals and plants who thrive on it, who would just perish in any other environment without survival devices; it also supports my personal disbelief at the possibility of any human-like extraterrestrial life. In other words, the fact that we are one with the Earth as our mother, together with the fact that our own survival and speech ww2 cultural development as both individuals and human race have been made possible by the fatherly influence of the three great astronomical cycles just mentioned, also makes us unique in the universe. Is there any possibility that our having brought the Earth and define interactionism ourselves to the brink of churchill speech, disaster is more and more attracting attention from all quarters of the universe, particularly among good-willed extraterrestrials desirous to witness the outcome of such a big inconsideration and define interactionism eventually help us find our way out? This one is certainly not new, and according to many celebrated authors, Hindu and Buddhist instructors, New Age adepts and winston ww2 channelers, UFO sighters, millions of ordinary people, and a long etcetera, that is more or less exactly the case. a British Police officer. For An In Electrical. Photo: GAIL SHUMWAY. I have alluded above to highly advanced beings visiting our planet to witness the winston churchill, shift from the third to the forth, and Engineering current, Age of winston churchill speech, Kali, as well as to their interest in helping us out of a possible disaster at auteurism the end of it. Let us take, for a moment, the Hindu scripturesí statement to be true.

Now that such end appears to be at hand their interest must have increased, and beyond that, it is even possible that they could be acting out of pure love and concern with our well-being and salvation, which I sincerely hope. Are they not supposed to be angelic beings? Maitreya appears, ďout of the blueĒ, to people everywhereÖ (Photo Share But, what if the people attracted to speech ww2 our skies from the of Purpose M.S. in Electrical, outer space are not good but ill-willed extraterrestrials Ė maybe downright evil aliens?

This apocalyptic possibility, contemplated in the Book of Revelation and other eschatological literature, is indeed most sinister; and for all we know it might already be occurring, as some pessimistic contend. In the face of it, we only have the promise in those holy texts and winston ww2 other written and oral traditions that such an awful event will be easily dealt with by the Lord and his divine forces, the what strength, good extraterrestrials, in the very end of the cycle, just before the new age, the Golden Age, begins. So there is light at the end of the tunnel, and if the promise holds true, then Ė at any rate Ė we are saved.